Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Name is right: Food Should Taste Good
At least two people in Port Arthur love a new kind of chocolate chip. It’s a chocolate flavored tortilla chip with semi sweet chocolate, Dutch cocoa and sea salt. It has dimensions. It’s from Food Should Taste Good and I think you’ll like it, too. Those with whom I shared loved the simple name of the product.
More of their stuff that tastes good: Buffalo chips with vinegar, garlic and cayenne (still, not too spicy) … The Works and olive are masterful. I’m saving jalapeno for last because I like it hot, and food should taste good.

Color me experimental
McCormick’s food colorings, including neon, is a fun way to get children into the kitchen. Some folks use them just once a year, and this is it. Here are some of their ideas to color eggs.

• Sponge — In separate bowls, add food color to a few drops of vinegar Dip different sponges into each bowl and lightly pat the colors on the egg for a speckled look.
• Crackle color — Lightly crack the shell of a hard-boiled egg with the back of a spoon. Place the eggs into a bowl of salted water tinted with food color and let stand for at least one hour. Peel and you’ll have a beautiful crackle of color all over the eggs.
• Tie-dyeing — Place a hard-boiled egg in a colander in the kitchen sink. Splash it with some vinegar and then drop some food color onto it. Shake it in the colander gently for a few seconds to help spread the color. After 30 seconds, do the same thing with either one or two more food colors, depending on the look you want. Then splash the egg with some water to soften the colors and carefully let it dry.

Multi tasking
Pure African shea nut butter isn’t for sandwiches, but when Vermont Soap Organics mixes it with rosemary extract, the stuff inside the round tin is good for sunburn, cuts, bites, rashes, chapped lips, burns and simply soft skin. I love how it covers all that, and I love how Vermont Soap products clean and beautify. I am still using a good-smelling bottle of liquid soap that cleans everything from counters to wood to carpet that I started spraying a year ago. I’m late getting into shea butter, but I appreciate it.

Need some neem
DoshaCare is customized ayurvedic skincare that is not edible, but I’m fascinated that the cleansing bath for sensitive skin has turmeric. Aloe vera and neem are also in the mix. Neem is also in DoshaCare hydrating moisturizer, which I love to the third power. Jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, cabbage and rose hip are in this elegant pump. It’s designed to “support a lifestyle of inner peace, outer health and ageless living.” That’s a bold statement, but I’m on board.

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