Saturday, March 12, 2016

Visit Heritage Village, after your Touch coffee

   Yes, the Pickett House in Woodville is still serving legendary fried chicken and heaping bowls of chicken and dumplings. It’s still boarding –house style, so you may make some new friends with similar tastes.
Be sure you and the family walk around the spread to visit Heritage Village, stable, post office, blacksmith shop, etc.
       I think the very best trip to this area would include some older and wiser folks – who may recall some of these vintage tools and such – and some younger children who need to know about these things.
Spend the day and eat all your greens.

Touch Coffee, taste coffee. Fast
       Makers are calling the Touch® T526S coffee system “ground-breaking,” no pun intended. My favorite part is that in addition to brewing up your favorite K-Cup, you can use the mesh cup included to make a cup, or larger carafe, or travel mug, of you own loose grind. That’s good for the environment and your smooth, tasty morning.
       You’ll be making your own coffee memes for Facebook about how much you love it.
       It’s a handsome machine, compatible with “any cup 
at all—from existing Keurig K-Cups® to generic cups, in 

addition to Touch's ground-breaking  XBold Cups™, 

XLarge Cups™ and reusable Refill Jumbo Cup.”  
Got 20 seconds? Here’s what the makers say:
 According to the National Coffee Association USA, the 

brewing water temperature for a good cup of coffee is 
"between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal 

extraction." The Touch® T526S brewer reaches  this 

ideal temperature by using its Flash Heating system and 

starts brewing in under 20 seconds after being off all 

night. Plus, Touch heats just enough water for the 

selected  cup size as opposed to the entire tank of water, 

and the machine turns itself off after using, making it 

more energy efficient than its competitors.”

       I’m trying this with Touch L.A. Coffee, in Sunset 

Strip roast. These cups allow up to 30 percent more 

coffee from each capsule. All this coffee talk has its own 

language. I’m just speaking the delicious-convenient-

efficient dialect.
 Look it all up at

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Is your wedding tree still up?
Dozens of “Christmas trees” are set up all year long at R.A. Smith Gifts in Dayton.
If you haven’t put yours away yet, after turning it into a Mardi Gras tree, then consider a stop at this shop, 4984 FM 1960. She’s got your ornaments.
Some are covered with ‘50s diner baubles, others with Halloween colors. Smith says is one of her biggest sellers is the wedding tree, popular at showers. Themed ornaments include a celebratory Champaign bottle.

Once you’ve gaped at this huge selection for a good while, roam around the rest of this big space for other sorts of gift items you can wear.

Lipsticks do more
In 2016, make your lipsticks work for you. Dermelect Cosmeceuticals has launched Multi-Targeted 4-in-1 Lip Solution, which I’m enjoying in Iconoic, a toned-down-for-me nude color that offers argan, jojoba, sunflower seed and camellia oils in addition to green tea, grape seed and pomegranate extracts. This demure look comes with anti-aging balm, hydration and the “all-day staying power of a stain.”
Dermelect is known for combining good looks and healthy concepts into nail polish and much more. Smooth + Plump Lipstick is another hit with peptide-infused, anti-aging formula and plumping technology.
If you want your “feathering” restricted to your Mardi Gras costume, try this. I’m hitting the festival with Rebelle, a rich fuchsia sure to blend into the Sweet Soiree candy theme. I can feel the luxury as it glides on. Learn more about lip lusciousness at

The "dish" on Texas

When I saw Port Arthur featured on the metal Texas-shaped dish, I couldn’t resist. A family nestled under a beach umbrella is etched near our city, near a big fish for Galveston and the San Jacinto Monument for Houston. The Lone Star State’s story goes all the way to a cattle drive in El Paso and a crown for King Ranch at the tip of Texas. Our flag, capitol building and a bluebonnet rim the shape, which seems a little cheated in the panhandle. It’s marked “Made in Japan” and the woman at Dovetail Antiques figures it’s a ‘50s piece.
I got this fabulous kitsch at one of the stores in the Liberty town square and there’s more waiting for spring road trippers.
A cold day had me passing through Liberty I ventured one block over from the main road to find a courthouse with a thriving square around the plaza de mercado. I spent 20 minutes in Liberty and I’m planning to head back when there’s more time, and sun.

Fun in Southeast Texas
         In one week I attended an educational Orphan Train presentation with live banjo and guitar music; an emotional production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” in concert at Beaumont Community Players and an inspiring opening of Carlo Buceme’s “Relentless” opening at The Art Studio Inc.
         Hope you’re not one of those people staying at home because there’s nothing to do. Look for adult coloring at Texas Artists Museum, Big Thicket educational treks, salsa dancing, you name it.
         Now that we’re getting more daylight, it’s time to explore. See you out there.