Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enough already!

Imagination is required for a new book designed to wean us from instant gratification. Interaction as some sort of sea foam, conversations with captive elephants and exercises asking nervous folk to hose down a room with positive light energy are in Dr. Dorothy Riddle’s new book, “Principles of Abundance for the Cosmic Citizen.” I was expecting more concrete tips, but this read is all about the journey and thinking for one’s self, while raising the question: Is more really better?

Fruit fly life
Do something like this, soon:
• Call your sister so you can hear your nephews laughing in the background.
• Play footsies with your sweetie.
• Look at old pictures while drinking a glass of chocolate milk.
• Wake up early to see a sunrise.

In “Live Like a Fruit Fly: The Secret You Already Know,” funny guy Gabe Berman reminds readers that fruit flies live just a short time, so they don’t accumulate the baggage we humans do. This columnist for The Miami Herald keeps it light while reminding us we’re dying every day, so we should live a little. Let’s go do it.

Hair in disguise?
What could make you feel more like a hippie chick than mud in your hair? It wasn’t actually mud, it was a good-smelling “masque” of plantain enzyme, tea tree and willow bark extract. Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque from Shea Moisture is designed for dry, itchy scalp, dandruff, eczema and psoriasis. It moisturizes the hair and gets rid of product buildup. My 30 minutes in the “mud” was actually therapeutic, and I don’t think the nine stray cats I’m feeding across the way actually noticed anything unusual in my looks when I visited with masque in my hair. I should go back now that my do is looking so good. Shea Moisture has a line of bath and body works with frankincense and myrrh that will make the rest of you feel good, too.

Back inside
Summer sun and aging is a combo that can be addressed with two jars:
Nu Skin 180 AHA Facial Peel and Neutralizer
 is billed as “A Simple Two-Step Process to Target Sun Damaged and Aging Skin
I don’t think I’ll ever, ever get a professional chemical peel, but this product is an affordable alternative.
Imagine, at my age, I’m still using those pads like the ones that were so revolutionary for acne care. But the babies in these jars have AHAs clinically proven to “chemically exfoliate surface skin and promotes a youthful cell renewal rate while stimulating collagen production to reveal a beautiful even-toned complexion.”

 Look for lactic acid to break apart dead cell buildup (my fave) and Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract to reduce topical sensitivity. Visit for details.


Leave your sand at the beach
A 30-second commercial on the Sand-Off site says it all. Sand is fun when you’re playing at the beach, not fun down your suit and all over your car. I sent relatives to the beach to try it and they came home clean.
Sand-Off™ Dry Body Wash uses a special mitt and an all-natural powder blend to effectively remove sand without water. The price is $7.99 for a pack that lasts 30-40 uses. Visit the site ( to see what all you can do with Sand-Off.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spirit of Mardi Gras, Sartin and Strings in the news
Jan Walker of Mardi Gras Southeast Texas reports “Spirit of Mardi Gras” is the theme for this 20th event.
“With it being the 20th Anniversary Celebration we felt like a broad theme was needed which would mean lots of different things to all who participate in the annual celebration” said Laura Childress, president of Mardi Gras Southeast Texas and Captain of Krewe of Aurora. “As a result of many discussions with Ball Captain Peggy Simon, it was agreed the theme for 2012 should be "Spirit of Mardi Gras." Knowing that Mardi Gras in Port Arthur is a special time for Krewe members and patrons of Carnival Weekend, what better way than a theme that expresses the general atmosphere of Mardi Gras in Port Arthur”!
Save the date for Feb. 16-20 in downtown Port Arthur.
Call 721-8717 or contact for details.

Becky Ames, acting as executive director of Atria Collier Park in Beaumont, sent word that Kim Sartin, owner of Sartin's Seafood in Nederland, is serving as the new director of culinary services at Atria Collier Park, the assisted and independent living community for senior citizens.
She writes that restaurant is known for their seasoned blue crabs and relaxed atmosphere and has earned a number of.
“Most people don't think of culinary cuisine when they think of the menu at a senior living community, but Kim is using her vast culinary experience as a chef and restaurateur to bring an unexpected food experience to the local residents at Atria Collier Park,” Ames writes. “Her focus on using fresh, local ingredients to create old favorites and brain-healthy recipes is winning acclaim among the 150 plus residents, aka "food critics," that she now cooks for on a daily basis. She loves using her talents to make the residents happy and is thriving in her new position.”

Just Strings
Port Arthur got mention in the Healdsburg Patch web site of California, regarding the Just Strings Music Festival. It’s a jam session that drew Paul Soroski, whose latest project is the band Create a Monster. He brought his group from Austin. The story continues:
“We’re originally from Port Arthur, Texas,” said Soroski, “We’re the only modern rock band playing this weekend.
“Port Arthur is the home of Janis Joplin,” Soroski stated proudly, “Jason [Touchette] and I have been working together for 20 years.”
Blake Sticker, “a hotshot young guitarist, who has been making a name for himself in the Golden Triangle over the past few years,” has joined Soroski and Touchette in Create a Monster. Keith Slack rounds out the band.
“This is ZZ Top meets modern rock without the hair,” said Andrea Doyle.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nederland Art Guild show reflects area’s scenery
Brenda Lu is not for sale; but you can get a look at TAM
Too bad for Brenda, who tried to buy the Brenda Lu. The artist, her own husband, wouldn’t sell it.
Bobby Pastorella’s No. 2 pencil work swept the professional drawing division of the Nederland Art Guild show, up all August at Texas Artists Museum.
Pastorella drew a boat from real life, but he couldn’t pronounce the name. He christened the one in his picture “Brenda,” after his wife, and added the “Lu,” from a friend’s nickname for her. But when she offered to purchase the completed drawing, he told her it wasn’t for sale.
It’s possible Brenda may get another chance, because Pastorella says he’s sketched 38 images since February. Sounds like he’s got more in him, and he likes to capture the area.
“I try to do stuff that’s indigenous to the area. I love animated movement,” he said, adding the beach and swamps are among his favorites.
Jody Domingue earned best of show with a cypress swamp and Wanda Mitchell’s work earned best floral honor.
Doris Webb - Nederland Art Guild President, invites visitors to view the 39 works in the show, which also include western and Native American scenes.
“Our judge for the show was Roy Bares, artist and art instructor for Monsignor Kelly High School in Beaumont. Roy is an amazing artist. His work is very much in demand,” Webb said.
For information on Nederland Art Guild, call 409-728-1875. The museum is at 3501 Cultural Center Drive in Port Arthur.

Check out the Groves library
Local cabinet maker Chad Henderson gets credit for the new circulation desk at the Groves Public Library, and Deborah Harper, director, wants readers to check it out. When school starts, maybe parents can catch up on their reading and see the new look. The library is at 5600 West Washington Ave. in Groves. Find them at:

This blood’s for you!

My phone machine frequently has messages from LifeShare asking for my blood.
Del Papa Distributing Company will host its annual “This Blood’s For
You” blood drive on Sept. 9, at three locations in the Beaumont area,
and I’ll bet donors will be lined up to give. The company recently
celebrated 100 years of service and has partnered with LifeShare
before to remember those who gave their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.
Stop by its Beaumont Distribution Center at 410 Interstate 10 South, Fire Station 1 on College Street in Beaumont or the LifeShare Blood Bank on Laurel Avenue to give blood and support area hospitals.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mama Mia! Dine with the underbosses at Sertoma
Moe Green salad is on the menu at a Godfather/gangster themed Mama Mia Italian dinner to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network and American Cancer Society.
A $25 ticket will help good causes and promote a good time with the Golden Triangle Sertoma Club Inc. The event will be at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13, at The Courtyard Café in Groves.
“This is so much fun,” Emily Sonier, president, said.
Debbie Neef has donated a black Coach Bag that someone will go home with. It’s valued at $268. For information, call Linda Hebert at 963-4882.

Fisher on the small screen
Frances Fisher, formerly of Orange, appears in “The Lincoln Lawyer,” a 2011 now-on-DVD selection starring Matthew McConaughey as “ a sleazy defense attorney who has a crisis of conscience when he represents a wealthy client who has a foolproof plan to beat the system.”
I can’t say any more about her role, but I did enjoy the movie, which features several other major stars.
Independent Movie Data Base has this in Fisher’s bio:
“Her father worked in oil refinery construction, so she moved regularly. She was born in England and moved about every year until she was in 7th grade, when the family settled in Orange, Texas.”

Big Thicket: Read All About It
Maxine Johnston, editor of The Big Thicket Reporter,” helped edit Lorraine G. Bonney’s “The Big Thicket Guidebook: Exploring the Backroads and History of Southeast Texas.” Look for it this fall. For more information, contact

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Red Hussars on parade?
I’m hearing reports that the Red Hussars are noted in an exhibit on Texas high school football at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum in Austin.
Matthew Odam’s story in the Austin American Statesman reads “Visitors also will learn the history behind the Port 
Arthur Red Hussars, the nation's first all-female drum and bugle corps, and 
find out more about the legendary Gussie Nell Davis, who brought her
 personal flair to the Greenville High School Flaming Flashes before starting
 the Kilgore Rangerettes.”

Banker buddies
David Parsley and Terry Rozelle are two retired bankers who have gone back to working - a part time job - for Texas First Bank. It’s a new bank to Southeast Texas with a branch in Winnie, one in Fannett and a newly-opened branch in Port Arthur/Mid County.
"The bank has impressed both of us and we are pleased to be able to associate with such a quality organization" Parsley said.
He retired after 42 years in banking in Jefferson County. He and his wife Sue, who retired from Motiva, enjoy traveling and say they get to the Cayman Islands and Europe at least once a year. Terry and his wife Gwen have both been retired about a year. They say they spend more time with their families and also enjoy traveling.
Parsley and Rozelle are senior business consultants for Texas First Bank and work with the bank on business development. Also they work with the local officers on specific projects and help in packaging loans and deposit relationships.

Tune in to Fernando
Fernando Ramirez, Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Ambassador and man about town, is promoting a new radio program, K-PASA Southeast Texas, in Spanish it sounds like Que Pasa. It’s “what’s happening,” get it? The mainly-Spanish format will discuss activity around Port Arthur, he said. Listen Sundays at noon on 1340 AM on the dial.