Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nederland Art Guild show reflects area’s scenery
Brenda Lu is not for sale; but you can get a look at TAM
Too bad for Brenda, who tried to buy the Brenda Lu. The artist, her own husband, wouldn’t sell it.
Bobby Pastorella’s No. 2 pencil work swept the professional drawing division of the Nederland Art Guild show, up all August at Texas Artists Museum.
Pastorella drew a boat from real life, but he couldn’t pronounce the name. He christened the one in his picture “Brenda,” after his wife, and added the “Lu,” from a friend’s nickname for her. But when she offered to purchase the completed drawing, he told her it wasn’t for sale.
It’s possible Brenda may get another chance, because Pastorella says he’s sketched 38 images since February. Sounds like he’s got more in him, and he likes to capture the area.
“I try to do stuff that’s indigenous to the area. I love animated movement,” he said, adding the beach and swamps are among his favorites.
Jody Domingue earned best of show with a cypress swamp and Wanda Mitchell’s work earned best floral honor.
Doris Webb - Nederland Art Guild President, invites visitors to view the 39 works in the show, which also include western and Native American scenes.
“Our judge for the show was Roy Bares, artist and art instructor for Monsignor Kelly High School in Beaumont. Roy is an amazing artist. His work is very much in demand,” Webb said.
For information on Nederland Art Guild, call 409-728-1875. The museum is at 3501 Cultural Center Drive in Port Arthur.

Check out the Groves library
Local cabinet maker Chad Henderson gets credit for the new circulation desk at the Groves Public Library, and Deborah Harper, director, wants readers to check it out. When school starts, maybe parents can catch up on their reading and see the new look. The library is at 5600 West Washington Ave. in Groves. Find them at:

This blood’s for you!

My phone machine frequently has messages from LifeShare asking for my blood.
Del Papa Distributing Company will host its annual “This Blood’s For
You” blood drive on Sept. 9, at three locations in the Beaumont area,
and I’ll bet donors will be lined up to give. The company recently
celebrated 100 years of service and has partnered with LifeShare
before to remember those who gave their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.
Stop by its Beaumont Distribution Center at 410 Interstate 10 South, Fire Station 1 on College Street in Beaumont or the LifeShare Blood Bank on Laurel Avenue to give blood and support area hospitals.

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