Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's not "old shoe" at Painted Porch in Groves

Shabby Chic is ruling at The Painted Porch in Groves. Charlie Schultz says this is a transitional time for Southeast Texas, going from beach mode to fall. She has lots of turquoise coloring on décor, from furniture to a moss-filled shoe.
Schutlz rings shoppers up amid aromas of scented soaps such as lavender, honey and goat milk. Go in and give her a big hello. She has one right back for you.

Sammy’s in business
Sammy Stone Atchison sent a copy of his cd of “The Early Years: 1970-1977,” with recordings such as “Night Time Baby Love” and “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”This area performer, who is looking for house band gigs, has been corresponding with me for years. He is an Elvis fan and has made many a musical tribute to The King. He can be reached through Michael Gracey, P.O. Box 886, Woodville, Texas, 75979-0886.

It’s all relative and all “wellative” when Scott A. Morofsky puts his tweak on12-step programs into daily thoughts for breathing and just getting yourself right in your world. The front of the book offers anecdotes and tips with prayers and bullet-point items. I love that the author has so many perceptions on how food, and over-indulgence in it, plays a part in our overall health.
Here’s an opening line to one of the prayers:
“I allow my words, my hands, and all that I am to channel Your healing power.”
So think on nuggets like that and go out to have a good day for yourself and make a better one for others. I’ll end with his closing graph for each daily breathing thought:
“So breathe it.”

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fashions in a Nutshell keeps Pecan Festival stylish

The Courtyard Café was packed for Fashions in a Nutshell, the Gulf Coast Sertoma Club’s style show to promote the upcoming Pecan Festival, Nov. 5-8 in Groves.
The show included looks from Hannah Bay’s Shoogz and Oliver Maxwell’s featuring lots of splashy, long vests with a boho-chic look and fitted dresses with belts, collars and dots that put at least three women at one table in the mind of Lucille Ball. That’s timeless class, right there.
So this fashion show had tons of prizes and I walked out of there with a bowl made to look like bent spoons as well as an infinity scarf with bright colors and chevrons.
Terry Jackson announced the looks and modeled a colorful pancho-like vest in a bright pattern of florals. She is a Sertoman who also works at The Courtyard, so she was truly “representing” at the Sept. 19 show.
This group raises funds so it can give right back to the community. They raise money so they can give it right back out to groups such as Capland Hearing Center.
One of the style show perks that kept on giving was a free gift from The Collection, right across the street from the show. I got a BLT dip mix that will be on a fall menu pretty soon.
Norma Jordan and Linda Foster are two Sertoma members who are interested in the community and getting people interested in joining their group.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Selena Museum a Corpus Christi must-see

The Selena Museum in Corpus Christi includes a display of her performance costumes.

I packed a swimsuit I never used to go to Corpus Christi, but packed a bunch of memories into a few hours of fun.
I got to stay with my husband at Pax Christi Sisters, a retreat center with a lovely chapel that that made one feel secluded and reverent. Still, it was close enough into town that you could see a Whataburger sign over the treetops.
It is not an understatement to say this town loves its Whataburger, but of course they are know for seafood, and I had my fill.
In a brief exploration of the downtown area I traversed bridges, causeways and seawall for my best views of North Beach sandy walks, docks and more Whataburger restaurants.
The Selena Museum was a highlight of my visit and I actually got a glimpse of Mr. Q, Selena’s proud father who is famous for keeping her memory strong and protected. The museum features myriad photos and glass cases with her memorable performance costumes. Several displays feature Selena dolls wearing the same miniature models.
The museum may look small from the outside, but it goes deep and the short time I was there I observed many comings and goings of her fans, some of whom were emotional as they viewed the singer’s videos. My favorite was going back to the recording area with a couple who came from California. The boyfriend said he was doing most of the talking because the girl was simply overcome. He said she was about to faint when she saw Mr. Q and an employee suggested she ask to have her picture made with him. I don’t know if she would have asked, but he had been notified, so he came out of his office and graciously posed.
Many of us recall her death and I remember being with relatives in Houston on an Easter Sunday shortly after demise. Many young girls were wearing Selena T-shirts to church. Selena’s memory is going strong  in Corpus Christi and beyond.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Accidental Wife, Yoga & Diabetes


“The Accidental Wife”
Dal, kheer and paneer are words I already knew from “The Accidental Wife,” an Indian romance novel from Simi K. Rao. It’s no wonder, these words have to do with food: dal is a lentil I like made into a stew; kheer is a sweet rice pudding; and paneer is a cheese that melts in your mouth to calm fiery spices.
In this book a handsome, skilled and rich doctor feels family pressure to marry and arranges a wedding, but not the surprise he finds after nuptials. This book is so desi. That means means Indian, I learn from the glossary. This wife is chaloo, or very sly.
Action takes place in New York City, India and the suburban home of the doctor’s very involved family. It’s funny and very romantic. Here’s part of the promotional blurb:
“According to him wives and girlfriends are annoying accessories that one can do without. But when his mother dangles the sword over his head in classic Bollywood style, he succumbs, and sets out in search of a bride who would fit his ‘requirements’. But can Rihaan deal with what he gets instead?”

“Yoga and Diabetes”
The Mountain is a yoga posture that looks like even I can do.
The Mountain” is basically standing up, or even standing. We are to notice how we are not perfectly symmetrical, focus on sensations and align our nose with our belly button… wait, is this standing beginning to sound like work?
I think most of us are up to it. A team of writers assembled this book and the American Diabetes Association has given its stamp. This book focuses on reducing stress, reminds us to reach out for emotional support, eat right, exercise, set priorities and more good stuff.
This is mostly a practical book with photos to show you how to pose and breath. A few pages go into Sanskrit interpretations and diagrams like “8 limbs of yoga.” I like that one is called Aparigraha is “non-hoarding,” a letting go. I love that.
More good stuff is on the mindful eating page. One tip: Prepare food by hand, preferably without machines, in silence. Then you should sit down, with food in front of you and appreciate each bite. Compare that method with the times we are done with a meal before we have tasted it.
Now go prepare a bite, and enjoy it.