Sunday, September 13, 2015

Selena Museum a Corpus Christi must-see

The Selena Museum in Corpus Christi includes a display of her performance costumes.

I packed a swimsuit I never used to go to Corpus Christi, but packed a bunch of memories into a few hours of fun.
I got to stay with my husband at Pax Christi Sisters, a retreat center with a lovely chapel that that made one feel secluded and reverent. Still, it was close enough into town that you could see a Whataburger sign over the treetops.
It is not an understatement to say this town loves its Whataburger, but of course they are know for seafood, and I had my fill.
In a brief exploration of the downtown area I traversed bridges, causeways and seawall for my best views of North Beach sandy walks, docks and more Whataburger restaurants.
The Selena Museum was a highlight of my visit and I actually got a glimpse of Mr. Q, Selena’s proud father who is famous for keeping her memory strong and protected. The museum features myriad photos and glass cases with her memorable performance costumes. Several displays feature Selena dolls wearing the same miniature models.
The museum may look small from the outside, but it goes deep and the short time I was there I observed many comings and goings of her fans, some of whom were emotional as they viewed the singer’s videos. My favorite was going back to the recording area with a couple who came from California. The boyfriend said he was doing most of the talking because the girl was simply overcome. He said she was about to faint when she saw Mr. Q and an employee suggested she ask to have her picture made with him. I don’t know if she would have asked, but he had been notified, so he came out of his office and graciously posed.
Many of us recall her death and I remember being with relatives in Houston on an Easter Sunday shortly after demise. Many young girls were wearing Selena T-shirts to church. Selena’s memory is going strong  in Corpus Christi and beyond.

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