Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's not "old shoe" at Painted Porch in Groves

Shabby Chic is ruling at The Painted Porch in Groves. Charlie Schultz says this is a transitional time for Southeast Texas, going from beach mode to fall. She has lots of turquoise coloring on d├ęcor, from furniture to a moss-filled shoe.
Schutlz rings shoppers up amid aromas of scented soaps such as lavender, honey and goat milk. Go in and give her a big hello. She has one right back for you.

Sammy’s in business
Sammy Stone Atchison sent a copy of his cd of “The Early Years: 1970-1977,” with recordings such as “Night Time Baby Love” and “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”This area performer, who is looking for house band gigs, has been corresponding with me for years. He is an Elvis fan and has made many a musical tribute to The King. He can be reached through Michael Gracey, P.O. Box 886, Woodville, Texas, 75979-0886.

It’s all relative and all “wellative” when Scott A. Morofsky puts his tweak on12-step programs into daily thoughts for breathing and just getting yourself right in your world. The front of the book offers anecdotes and tips with prayers and bullet-point items. I love that the author has so many perceptions on how food, and over-indulgence in it, plays a part in our overall health.
Here’s an opening line to one of the prayers:
“I allow my words, my hands, and all that I am to channel Your healing power.”
So think on nuggets like that and go out to have a good day for yourself and make a better one for others. I’ll end with his closing graph for each daily breathing thought:
“So breathe it.”

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