Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nerd, tofu and tiny bagels make Culinary commentary

Fun with tofu
While it doesn’t qualify as “wild times,” my husband and I mixed up a batch of tofu this weekend. First you cook the powdered mix with water, then add coagulant, wait until firm, and invert the block into cold water. Doesn’t that sound fun? I was impatient and it inverted into curdy clots. I’m glad I noticed you can also make tofu milk, because then I made it into smoothies.
Lacking liquor, I got a pina colada feel with coconut milk and by blending in the coconut Manischewitz macaroons I wrote about earlier in column. Thumbs up.

Nerds rock
Texans have done it: San Antonio-based NERD Beverage Corporation has made an energy drink that is palatable, or as copy desk guy Cody says, “pleasant.” He’s a big fan of energy drinks and I am not. We both enjoyed this one and agreed it tastes like the lime sherbet punch served at baby showers.
NERD The Focus & Energy Beverage has Chinese Gingko Biloba and is said to increase mental alertness, memory function and retention. It is sold exclusively in stores in Texas and on the web.
Cody also said it is “yumtastic.”

Mini bagels
Heretofore, bagels haven’t exactly been considered a health food. I’d like to thank Lender’s Bagels for launching Little Lender’s and 100 Calorie Bagels, which I have been enjoying immensely with over easy eggs, curried tuna and syrup (all on different days). The mini bagels, aside from being cute, also come in cinnamon. Thanks, guys.

Liquid nutrition
Don’t drink Superberry Upgrade all in one day. The 16-ounce bottle has 16 servings of liquid dietary supplement with antioxidant that AgroLabs says “brings the health benefits Resveratrol including cellular anti-aging, revitalized hair, skin and nails, all day energy and antioxidants that scavenge free radicals.”
That’s a tall order for a 1-ounce shot, but I’ve been enjoying it daily.

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