Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love not fear: Inspiration books and how to mark them
Andy Andrews has written “The Noticer,” a simple inspirational book about a character simply called Jones, who comes into town and sets everybody on the right path. All he really does is make them think about their choices, then they can make better ones that affect others. Talk about paying it forward. It seemed every chapter was about me or someone I know. I’d make this required summer reading for everybody I know. One simple tip from the book: deciding to do something and actually doing it are two different things.
Andrews has written a library of inspirational books and already has lots of fans. If readers pick up “The Noticer,” he’ll have a new batch.

“The Love Response”
Dr. Eva Selhub knows fear will eat you up, so she turns to love in response to everything. In “The Love Response” she uses Positive Physiology to SHEILD people with better ways of looking at things. There are pages and pages of exercises in this book, but don’t worry … they’re visualizations for the mind.

Living the Law of Attraction
It helps to have read “The Secret” before reading “Living the Law of Attraction,” by Rich German and Robin Hoch. It’s a collection of stories from people who have attracted all kinds of success into their lives to advance careers, improve their health, live the life of their dreams and even lose weight.
I’m not done, because I’m enjoying just one chapter a day. I believe thinking positive thoughts works. To you skeptics: It couldn’t hurt.

“My Diabetes Organizer”
A diagnosis of diabetes puts your world into a spin. This Hatherleigh Press binder can help put some control back into one’s life. The planner for those with Type 2 helps people plan and progress with trackers, plastic folders for medical info and ideas for “sick days.” I passed this to someone with this condition and got good reports. It’s important to keep up with that stuff.

Mark my page
I’ve got a bowl full of beautiful, collectible bookmarks that I love to view, but hate to use. They mar the page and slip out. When I read a tip for using Post-its to mark not only the page, but even the paragraph. Now Post-its has new designer page markers that — be still my beating heart — come with cute bird and nature designs and with messages such as “on the test” and “where I left off.”
And now, for my beating heart, there are heart and star shaped note pads with background designs. Love notes? Lists? I’m on it. Bold stripes, flowers and birds that put me in mind of “The Partridge Family” make up designs on pads of magnet-backed notes. Organized divas will love a big, leafy note marked with days of the week. It’s a new-age to-do list. Hard-backed portable note holders may be what you need to keep mileage in the car.
Don’t think it’s all girlie. A smooth gel pen with a black flag and ink looks like you could take notes for cars needing work at a pit stop. Look for more new Post-It fare in the school supply aisle.

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