Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Socks in the mail? It’s something to think about

Readers, consider this your first Stocking Stuffer Report.
When I’m out covering events, I love how y’all come up and tell me that you’ve tried something I’ve shared in this column. Several new area shops will be offering holiday bling and here’s a sample of more goodies you may want to consider while boosting the economy:

Who gets socks in the mail?
My daughter is telling friends about Sock Grams’ sushi sock, adorned with tails and rolls, and, sight unseen, they’re a hit. A sushi-loving guy she knows even wants some. Sock Grams in seasonal whimsy come to your home, with Dead Sea Mineral foot scrub if you like. Funky socks were part of my daily wardrobe in high school. It’s time to put my best foot forward again with the company that wishes you warm hearts and happy feet.
Blacksocks delivers socks to your door with a sockscription. What man couldn’t use this? The goods in their sock drawer will always be fresh, clean and without holes. “If time really is money, Blacksocks is worth a look,” makers say. Make your man one of 40,000 Blacksocks customers in 74 countries. A man I know inspecting the product said “Men need this. These are high quality.” Won’t this service derail spousal disagreements? 

Bamboo underwear
I can’t definitively tell if Play bamboo underwear is designed for men or women to purchase. The box shows a healthy male specimen stretching a bare torso and clearly enjoying the way jock, low-rise and brief cuts look on him (ladies will love the box) and the A in Play is designed to look like the arrow on video equipment, such as “push play.”
I actually had male and female testers step up to try these bamboo skivvies and all were amazed by the smooth feel of the cloth “It’s a great product. The cloth is nice and comfortable,” one said. I’m thinking the low-rise trunk will be underpant enough to please most men. The revealing jock cut is a bit thong-like, suitable for daring fellows, but I wonder about pantyline for those into tight skinny jeans.

Fight wrap rage
Zibra has created Open It!, a tool that opens everything from super-sharp clamshell plastic cases to your beer. A hidden blade in the handle slices and a screwdriver in the other side of the handle can open battery cases. Precision ground steel blades in short, nubby scissors are my favorite use. The blade can be used to pry and the slicer can open CDs and DVDs. Because Women Know is the tagline for this product that will aid both sexes. It sure will open all your holiday gifts. I’m on board.

Sounds good
Our stuff gets as worn out as we do. I couldn’t hear well out of my ear buds and I sure wanted some good ones for the new TVs attached to all the new YMCA of Port Arthur equipment. My daughter pointed out that big is the new small for headphones, so I thought I could flashback (or Flashdance) all the way back to the ‘80s with neon colors accentuating the totally modern DJ Sport Headphones from chicBuds. Swarovski Crystals are all over retractable buds and PinkTooth amazingness from this woman-owned company. I say “go girl” to the fold ups that look so cool and carry the sound so great and let me keep up with the History Channel and “Golden Girls.” These are the best headphones I’ve ever used, and I love the cushy padding.

You’ll like to Muve it, Muve it
Dance like no one is watching, encourage Muve makers. This “spontaneous dance workout” shows a mixed bag of dancers, from children to young adults to grandparents, moving and shaking some easy, loose stops to music just as varied as they are. Mellow MUVE and Family MUVE lets you follow a lead dancer, or muse, and kind of create your own thing with Hawaiian music, a zombie song and some sounds the teens would love on the dance floor. It’s a fun way to get grandparents moving for better health and little kids into the habit of regular exercise. I enjoyed learning new “muves” and did it fast enough to work up a sweat. It’s fun stuff that doesn’t feel like a workout. Joy.

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