Monday, December 28, 2009

I saved my Ten Fidy Imperial Stout for a good rye bread and deli meat sandwich and was not disappointed. Oskar Blues Brewery of Lyons, Colorado, is part of the new trend of making you laugh. The can marks itself as half-baked, fully-roasted ale that is cross-eyed, cyclopean and canupiscent. I looked up that last word and found concupiscent, meaning lustful or sensual. So I laughed and learned a new word indicating that maybe beer does make you smarter (It made Bud weiser). But I do want to share that it was rich and fragrant and satisfying, too. All the Ten Fidy products are thought-provoking.

Give to Caesar
I usually feel bad for folks who routinely dine from cardboard boxes. I tried a very satisfying line of gluten and wheat free Italian meals from Caesar’s, but I still urge consumers to put it on a plate, please. Seriously, you can imagine you’re in a restaurant with manicotti or stuffed shells with cheese in marinara sauce, or various lasagnas. Creamy ricotta cheese and rice flour noodles are in spicy sauces. It felt very filling on a cold winter’s day. May I suggest, you also use your good silver and a crystal goblet for a change.

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