Monday, May 17, 2010

Salt pipe a hit with allergy sufferer
If you have not heard me go on and on about the nasal bidet/netti pot, you just haven’t sneezed around me. After Dr. Oz showed the world, via Oprah, about this little teapot contraption used to drain salt water through your nostrils, I was among thousands who rushed out to get one. It took some time to learn the technique, but I’m hooked on natural, drug-free sinus relief.
Now I’m on the salt pipe, which I understand Doc Oz likes as well. Colored crystals of Himalayan salt go into this oddly-shaped device and the breather, that would be me, inhales the benefits from the minerals in through the mouth and out through the nose. It feels amazing, and my family is making fun of me only because they are jealous they don’t have their own Solay Wellness Inc. salt pipe. There’s nothing more to explain how good it feels in the lungs and nose, but I will tell you Solay has lines of Himalayan salts to eat, coffees, teas, chocolate, etc., and mineral bath and body products.
I’m hooked on the salt pipe and want others to follow me.

More on breathing
Redd Remedies cites the National Center for Health Statistics’ report that 84 percent of all colds in America occur among children under age 17, and are thought to be related to developing immune systems and exposure to other infected children while attending school or day care.
I know I’m loving the hand sanitizer about now.
Redd Remedies, natural dietary supplement and aromatherapy provider, has introduced Children’s Sinus Support and the Seasonal Sinus Support Aromatherapy Inhaler. I tried really tasty chewables designed to promote natural histamine response and healthy sinus cavities as well as supporting a healthy immune function.
I’m tickles and relieved from the inhaler, which is a milder form of me rubbing essential oil under my nostrils. The device looks like a tube of lip balm with an opening for the fragrant vapors to get out.

Paper, plastic or bamboo?
I’ve been green before it was hip. I prefer the term frugal over cheap. I find it difficult to throw away some things that are meant to be disposable. Core Bamboo's new disposable line of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly serve ware is forcing me to make decisions. Luxeware comes in three sizes of plates that put one in the mind of the tropics. Bamboo cutlery, even adorable, tiny sporks, look like fancy wooden products. The company calls it a “100 percent guilt-free, visually-appealing, and hassle-free option for the eco-conscious picnic and outdoor party set.”
I’m keeping fruit on my plates and using them as centerpieces. Look for it at major retailers, or visit

All pink, all fun
I’m guilty of flash forwarding when I spy a beautiful product. Twinkle Toes is a pink, glittery powder to sprinkle in “ballet slippers, dance bags and all over your body before slipping into your tu-tus,” Herban Renewal suggests. The pink stuff flies out of what looks like an over-sized Victorian salt shaker. The silver-topped shaker allowed the powder to flow so freely I made a little surprised sound. Then, as much as I’m enjoying the powder, I imagined filling that shaker with cayenne pepper and seasoning up all the air around me.
Urban Renewal’s kid and adult line includes Shoo Monster (anti-boogeyman) dusts and Fish’n and Hunt’n Lather. Fun stuff.

Bamboo and pine
It’s almost easy to imagine little German gnomes collect ingredients for Gehwol’s Fusskraft line. I get a “kick” out of their foot care products and am truly impressed with a bamboo scrub that’s soft and fragrant. Essential oils in a spray-on herbal lotion cool with the scent of rosemary, mountain pine and lavender. This one, which puts me in the mind of German forest tales, is a strong product that means business. I think these gnomes never get tired, because their feet are feeling so fit. I’m sure humans at the company love the product, too.

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