Monday, September 5, 2011

Get Tray Chic at TAM
Shirley Peel McCraw’s fancy lady is called “Salute to Alphonse” and she could be serving you. Texas Artists Museum has asked businesses to support a decorated tray fund raiser called Tray Chic. Jody Domingue, board member, said patrons can vote on favorite trays at Kizmet Fine Arts Studio in Groves, at Chatzie’s and Dana’s Jewelry on Boston Avenue in Nederland. Domingue said the jewelry store blinged the provided tray with $350 worth of jewelry. See the trays at TAM Second Sunday, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sept. 11 at 3501 Cultural Center Drive. The Out of Control Trio will perform.

The ketchup incident
Artist Arnulfo Hernandez used to work in a ketchup factory, where boiling-hot product once splashed up to burn his ear. When he took a physical for RCA to make color TV parts, the doc asked him about the burn. Hernandez said it came from ketchup and the physician stopped him right there and proclaiming “I don’t want to know.”
Some of Hernandez’ life stories, such as a tour of Vietnam and Naval duties, are reflected in his art work, displayed at Texas Artists Museum in September.

Sandwich story
Author Bruce Branick saw my review of “Insanewiches,” a book that transform bread and fillings into fun, edible artworks, and sent in a memory:
“About 1955, I had a job as radio-electronics man at Ingall's Shipyard, in Pascagoula, Mississippi. I boarded and roomed in a huge house in Pascagoula, with about five other IBEW electricians, and the proprietor of the house was also an electrician. He and his wife were paying off the house, and we electrical people were paying for spare rooms and three meals a day.

The noon meal was a bag lunch, sandwiches. Lady of the house had the most vivid creativity I've ever seen, in my 90 years. For two and a half months, I never had the same sandwich for lunch. Believe it!

Ever had a bean sandwich? All of them were on brown or wheat bread, and all were tasty,” Branick writes.
Mr. B, I’m pretty sure my dad enjoyed some lima bean sandwiches on duty at Gulf States Utilities.

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