Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Your phone's Halloween costume

Does your smart phone have its Halloween costume yet? Dress it up with a Bubble Buttons monster, which has no calories at all. Or those of us “into food” can stick on a fried egg, doughnut or pizza image to help us navigate our phone world better. The resin-coated bubble really does feel good on that home button you push all day. I’d never have guessed a cute little bit of texture could feel so good. Phone fans into sports, music, mustaches, etc. can also turn their concave iPhone, iPad and iTouch button into a bubblicious experience. Visit www.bubblebuttons.com or head to Urban Outfitters.

And now, a word

LIVE is the message on the front of my just-right pink v-neck long-sleeved shirt. Live, Imagine, Value and Embrace (LIVE) is spelled out on the back. Chewy Loud Designs www.chewylouddesigns.com has some inspirational words to wear. Positive thought can heal, believes Alyssa Dinowitz, who created a line after supporting her mother through chemotherapy sessions for breast cancer. Chemo Companions are designed to promote physical and spiritual strength. I don’t think you can have a bad day while wearing such good thoughts. I love the way Dinowitz thinks.

How about your own word?

Some people already romance license plates. MyPlates.com can help you personalize your plates like never before. I spoke to representatives who showed me some cool ideas about branding your ride. They are a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles vendor you might want to check out.


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