Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer looks go natural

I tied Sea Rim sea shells to a straw bag I got at a resale shop. The natural look is a must for summer. Gaiam offers something with even more glamor: a necklace of Equadorian palm, acai and pambil seeds. They come in different colors and look just like some gourmet chocolates. Beads strands are layered with base metal chains and waxed linen string for a textured look that’s bound to make people ask where you got such a stunner. The Unity Necklace is from Andean Collection, a fair trade group. Wear it, and you’ll look like you’ve been somewhere exotic.
Gaiam is known for yoga and fitness products. Check out their casual and work attire, home d├ęcor, etc. Other picks: Reflexology Wellness slides, with little nubs that massage your feet, putting me in the mind of the welcome mat at the old Gibson’s department stores; an organic cotton robe ringing in at $124; and a water bell fountain designed by percussionist Garry Kvistad. Talk about a conversation piece.
Bees helped make Beesential with propolis, “The Super Bee Antioxident.” Lemon Lavendar in a beeswax lip balm is packaged with other temptations like honey and peppermint in a tin box that is ready to tuck into your Sea Rim beach bag. It feels good and smells better than a lot of stuff you’ve put on your lips. Keep tubes in your purse, desk drawer and by the bed. Sweet honey and golden beeswax in harvested on a family farm where makers personally tend to the bees. Look onto shower gels, lotions and other Beecology goodies.

That’s sharp
I can’t tell what Razorpit is made from, but it’s working. It’s a rubbery strip that allows your razor blade to last for up to 150 shaves. Soap it down and scrape your blade against it, and the “friction technology” removes built-up hair and skin that makes razors dull. I’ve been keeping a simple disposable sharp for weeks. I’ll bet that the more expensive your razor, the better Razorpit works. I love the opportunity to make things last longer. Go green.

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