Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cosmic Costume Bowling Tournament
Spoiler alert: you do not want me on your bowling team. But as a Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, I am trying to get teams together for something so crazy-fun it must be working: the Second Annual Cosmic Costume Bowling Tournament. Max Bowl will host the fun on Oct. 29. Who wouldn’t want to dress up and knock a few pins down for good chamber causes. I hope to be there as a cheerleader, not a bowler.  I also put some cookbooks, as reviews in my Port Arthur News column, into the silent auction. Sign up for fun through Paige Snyder, (409) 963-1107.

 A look at Texas
Though times were “thin” in Crockett, Texas the people on errands in the town square were dressed up, if not in Sunda-go-to-meeting clothes. Boys had ironed shirts and scrubbed faces and girls were in scarves. This is some supplied info that goes with a photo of a vintage bustling town square in the picture book “A Family of the Land: The Texas Photography of Guy Gillette,” a University of Oklahoma Press book. The life of a generation ago in east Texas towns is captured in this beautiful book. Though the photos are in black and white, it paints a colorful image of our recent past.

 Yoga towels
Dear  reader, if you are a couch potato, you may not realize how many towels are for specific sports. This isn’t just to create more laundry. I became aware of the golf towel, with a little hook for your belt or bag, through the Port Arthur News Newspapers in Education tournaments. I’ve seen long sweat towels to drape around one’s neck at luxury hotels. Are you familiar with hot yoga, performed under humid conditions? You’re mat will need a towel. Now if you didn’t even know you’d want a mat for yoga class, thanks for reading thus far.
Yoga fans note that Gaiam has a Thirsty Yoga Mat Towel that fits your mat, offering a hypoallergenic microfiber that dries in half the time of ordinary cotton towels. Maybe you’d better towel mats to double as after-shower towels. While I am using a beautiful orange towel with a pink trim for its semi-intended purpose (my mat is for exercise somewhat less disciplined than yoga) I will also tell you this long towel cuts the chill when draped around the shoulders and typing a column.

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