Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall road trip to Woodville

Been itching to hear some dulcimer music? The 25th annual Harvest Festival at Heritage Village Museum in Woodville is set for Oct. 18-20. Blacksmithing, flintnapping, soap making and bobbin lace making are also on the program. Not enough action? Stay for the Western Shoot Out and square dancing.
Fall is a great time for a Texas road trip and I made hit Woodville in time for a big fried chicken lunch at the Pickett House Restaurant. This family-style destination has still got it, with heaping bowls of chicken and dumplings and watermelon rind preserves. They said that even people who don’t  like greens like Pickett House greens. I’m one of those people, and it’s true, I loved these greens. The walls are outfitted in vintage circus posters that I’m told were once part of a Port Arthur collection.
In related road trip news, Stark Museum of Art in Orange will host Illustrated Family Day on Saturday, Oct. 19. It’s free.

Circle of Friends
Mirasol has curly hair like me, so her Shine Serum Lustre, in melon is also good for controlling frizz and preventing tangle for me. But the little girl in ethnic costuming on these labels are designed to appeal to children. She wants to quiz you about her country, where her uncle weaves reed boats. Okay I’ll spill the beans. She is from Bolivia. And her serum smells so good.
The Circle of Friends line features herbal products like chickweed, aloe leaf and guava with with other illustrated children: Jenny’s Root Beer shampoo; Bonita’s Banana moisturizing shampoo, and Makwa’s calming cream. This boy is dressed like a doctor. Georgee is dressed for the beach, because he has swimmer’s shampoo to battle chlorine green.
Because of this product, I have looked up information on Lake Titicaca, totora boats and the plant rosa canina. Now Mirasol is in my Circle of Friends.

Rise Above with Love: Campaign Bright Future
Nobody minds looking good for a good cause. Jane iredale – The Skin Care Makeup launches Bright Future to celebrate six years of partnership with Living Beyond reast Cancer. A rose-colored Swarovski Crystal dots an already too-cute tiny silver compact filled with wee portions of Peach Sherbet, Pink Glaze, Red Carpet, Pink Cloud and Dusk eye shadow. The little box is like a tiny charm on a chain that also harnesses the capped brush. Why pop $30 on this little beauty? A full 100 percent of profits go toLiving Beyond Breast Cancer. Call 800-762-1132 to learn more about why plastic surgeons and dermatologists think so highly of this mineral makeup line based in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Texting Leopard, Texting Cheetah
We don’t often have frigid weather in Southeast Texas, but when we do… Jeanne Simmons has got style wrapped around warmth for all ages. Guys want some furry looks? Kids looking cute with an animal head hat? Ladies hip to the Dagney hat? Done and done. I recently stayed dry in a gully washer in a Dagney, a brimmed, gray wool and polyester classic that would have fit right in at Dick Dowling Days. Another find to highlight is texting gloves. I’d heard that texting caught on later up north because of everyone needing bulky gloves. Available in both leopard and cheetah prints, these stretchy wonders have the index finger in both the right and left hand glove tipped in a fabric that lets you maneuver your touch pad phone or electronic reader. This is what they thought of after someone said, “What will they think of next?”,

Need the Skinfo
You might expect Skinfo Mint Mask, 20 Minutes Cooling Clay, to be green. Mint is green, right? This made-in-USA product is earthy is green in that sense. It’s also earthy, as in made of kaolin clay and hectorite, so I wish I’d been using it when I studied geology at Lamar University. I love a good mask and this one, cleans and tightens pores while absorbing oil and can control breakouts.
Skinfo Shine Control is an efficient compact to slip in your purse to keep the shine off your nose. It comes with the thinnest “puff” I’ve ever used and it feels so light and good on the skin. It’s the
jojoba oil esters, biotin and niacinamide that work to conceal redness.

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