Sunday, January 5, 2014

E Pluribus Chili means we're talkin' Texas

E Pluribus Chili means we’re talkin’ Texas

E Pluribus Chili
The motto above comes with an eagle clutching a spoon and a full beer mug in his talons and speaks for Texas Chili Parlor, a rustic establishment across from the Texas Capitol that has kept legislators in chili, burgers and Mexican flavors since 1976. I just tried it for the first time and savored the total experience, from the neon lights and worn tables and clientele of tourists, locals and suited politician types to the rather primitive “powder room” with a University of Texas shower curtain as a door. I wanted to try the Habanero chili on a burger, but the waitress said the 3X brisket bowl of red was hotter than that. I enjoyed every bite, but wonder if they got my order mixed up, because the heat level was mild on my scale. I went at a quiet time. I’d love to be the Texas fly on the wall when this place is hopping.
Here’s some more Texas talk:

Legends and Lore in Texas
“Cowboys, Cops, Killers and Ghosts” covers a lot in the title, but the subtitle, “Legends and Lore in Texas,” kind of opens things up again. Kenneth L. Untiedt edited this Texas Folkore Society LXIX publication that has so much to offer. One store is about Hemphill in the old days when people dressed up to go to town  and men played dominoes in the square. At least some of that is still going on. Some of the vintage cop talk may sound “hinky” today, but the young ones used to call the veterans “old heads” on the Houston PD force, one remembrance accounts. Car hops who liked cops were dubbed fender lizards.
Then we move on to ghost towns of the Big Thicket and more Lone Star good stuff.

Galveston Bay Drive & Discover
We may appreciate the Galveston area for a fun day of ferry riding, seafood, beach feel and shopping.  Galveston Bay Foundation and Galveston Bay Estuary Program partnered on the new Galveston Bay Drive & Discover Guide to help Texans realize what a valuable economic and recreational asset the Bay is. 

The Drive & Discover guide is available in hard copy and as a free app on iTunes and Google Play. Look for more than 55 places to experiences in seven bay areas.  Highlights: ancient shell middens, early cattle ranches, first offshore oil rigs in Texas, seagrass meadows and world-renowned birdwatching sites. Download the app or request a hard copy of the Drive & Discover guide from the Galveston Bay Foundation at (281) 332-3381 or at

The appliance every Texan should have
KRUPS has a mini chopper that’s sleek and efficient and looks great on the kitchen counter. I wonder what’s the first thing cooks in other states think of when they see it. I thought, I could make salsa for breakfast eggs, lunch salads and dinner nachos. Salsa every day, with different ratios of jalapeno, tomato, fruit, onion, etc. Choppers won’t start until you get them lined up, and sometimes the struggle with that leads to bad thoughts, but this KRUPS one behaves when you chop, puree, blend and emulsify. I’ve made the enclosed pancake recipe and created an original salad dressing and can’t wait to whip some cream. But you guessed it, this 300 watt baby is earning its keep by turning out never-ending salsa. Yee haw Lone Star salsa lovers.

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