Sunday, October 19, 2014

Swants, sweggings and your name in lights


Swants  & Sweggings make list of fall finds
This hint of cool air had me  in Kosby Swants from Festified Holiday Clothing. Swants are lounge pants made of sweater material and Sweggings are a bit more form fitting, as in sweater leggings. My Swants match other old school lined patterns in the line, like a hat that covers your ears. Though spelled with a K, I can’t help but link the spirit to Bill Cosby’s famed patterned sweaters of the ‘80s. Should your entire family or office long to be outfitted in leg lamp attire, menorah hats, garments that light up or more fun, dare I say knowingly tacky, and very funny gear, hit this site.
Don’t stop there. Fill your 2015 calendar  with festive looks for St. Patrick’s Day, etc. You will definitely be the talk of the party with your NFL sweater, sweater dress or looks for you dogs and children.

Vintage Marquee Lights
Sometimes vanity is fine. I love the letter D. No surprise with my name being Darragh. It’s impossible to find coffee mugs or key chains with my name on it in stores with racks of souvenir goodies. But, I can have my D, or my whole name in lights thanks to Vintage Marquee Lights.
Initials, a fleur de lis, a heart…  your heart’s desire comes to your door though this company. Please note the caution message in packing: “Sharp rusty edges. Handle with care.” Then you screw in all the little  light bulbs and you have yourself a work of art. This look is classic and fits in with so many decors. It’s a literal statement piece when you spell out your message. Have fun at

If you’d been a genius kid on “Jeopardy” you might get tired of having every third person talk about remembering watching you and trying to stump you with questions. You might want to acquire a new identiy, too. Maybe you wouldn’t mind using your prize winnings to live overseas as a renegade graffiti artist. But what if you fell in love, and your smart self could save your girlfriend’s life?
“Elixer” is called a high-octane action thriller by new writer Ted Galdi. It’s such a timely topic that I don’t even want to mention the deadly virus that makes up the plot of the book. I read this book a few weeks  ago and it’s even more timely today. I was hooked.
There’s a corrupt pharmaceutical  company, romance and government danger. What more could you want?

Which boots today?
Kind of like Cinderella’s glass slipper, there’s a clear rain boot with cheetah, floral and other colorful inserts that will keep stylish women dry this season. Change up the look with inserts that slip in and keep you in a perky mood on a cloudy day. I’m hard to fit, and the ones I tried fit well. I know. You won’t want to get your new boots dirty, but that’s what they’re for, ladies. Here’s the scoop: Interchangeable Boots, Totes+Wristlets- TwoAlity Waterproof Gear- Look for new waterproof totes and wristlets from TwoAlity as featured in Bobbie’s Buzz on The TODAY Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. They were created by a set of twin sisters when they were just 19.

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