Sunday, April 26, 2015

National Tourism Week: Hit the road

I took a recent walk in the “oldest city in Texas” and learned our Spindletop was a baby, because the state’s first oil well was drilled in 1866 in Nacogdoches county. Port Arthur News fans may be interested to know the city claims Texas’ first newspaper set to type in 1813 and the first two-story building, which was the Old Stone House, circa 1779. Here’s my favorite, and it tops their list, too. The state’s first recorded ceiling fans were in a downtown drugstore. A mule-drawn treadmill outside the building turned mule-drawn fan blades.

National Tourism Week  is May 2-10
Travel brings dollars to America and people do love the great state of Texas, for both travel and business.
During this week, thank your hotel, restaurant and attraction workers. Think about taking a road trip and exploring your area. They come to see Southeast Texas for birding and fishing in Sabine Lake.
One of my Texas bucket lists is Big Bend. Hit the road and tell everyone how much fun you had.

Facebook and travel
Here’s another way to promote tourism: Post your trip.
I was tickled to see a friend’s vacation photos looked exactly like mine. She was on the same beach with the same view. I read up and saw she took a cruise with the same route as had just taken. Remember when people used to show slides of their trips at parties? Now everybody can see what you’d like to share and spend as much or as little time as they’d like with it.
The best part is that you can private message friends to get the scoop on restaurants and places they visited. I saw someone had been to New Orleans and not some word on places I want to experience myself.
Always use caution when sharing  personal information. Some don’t post where they have been until they are back home.

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