Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pennies from Heaven and Mardi Gras

Pennies from heaven
For years now, I’ve found a penny or more daily on my walks. It keeps me walking, and praying.
This year I found more than $50 on the ground, apparently just waiting on me. And this was pretty much a penny, dime and quarter at a time.
Those who have caught me at it over the years see me out, the often ask if I’ve found one yet.
You wouldn’t believe some of the other things I’ve found.  I usually like the money the best.

Mardi Gras is Sweet Soiree
Are you a Mardi Gras lover? Your time is coming early this year. Those of us who have already posted photos of our homes and offices all decked out in purple, gold and green have been making contact.
We’re all ready for Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas, headed to downtown Port Arthur from Feb. 4-7.
Have you heard, Wayne Toups is back. He told me himself that he’s expecting a new release, music wise, and another one, baby wise. A new Toups is in development.
If you make a good gumbo, please, please enter the Mardi Gras gumbo cookoff, so I can taste it. If you know someone who makes good gumbo and needs a little push, get someone to call the festival office, at
(409) 721-8717.

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