Friday, February 6, 2009

Go glammy for the Grammys … or Mardi Gras

Even if your Grammy party is on the couch of your living room with no red carpet in sight, it’s fun to glam up and glitter. Some of these products will help you glow right into Mardi Gras weekend.
Good product and branding for L'Oreal always made me feel worth it. A new batch of goodies, such as EverPure sulfate-free color care system smell of rosemary, mint and juniper. I've skipped the new Feria shimmering hair color, but enjoy the shampoo, conditioner and frizz-free serum that goes with it. You know how that wind blows the hair around on the sea wall.
It took time for me to adjust to the "lip-gripping polymers" in Infallible Never Fail Lipstick Compact, but I do appreciate how long they stay on. Bare Natural has an all-in-one mineral eyeliner and brush package designed made for on-the-go style. I love the rich color.

Eyes have it with Renew eyelash and eyebrow revitalizer, products I never imagined I'd use. I had a Brooke Shields thing going on in high school, but now people are aware they can become victims of the over tweeze. Ask me to bat my lashes for you at Mardi Gras. I'll be nearly through with the sleek bottle of eyelash "paint" that's making them strong.
This is the only time I generally go wild for color and I’m enjoying Kiss Me, a tube of blue mascara and the particularly fluffy brush from Colorescience thick and curly mascara. It’s float-worthy.
Try Renewing pomegranate blackberry Vitamin Shampoo and conditioner for more aromatic, healthy glow. These fruits are tres' trendy. There’s a noni berry and lemongrass combo. Michelle Obama is making lemongrass the rage with the color of her inauguration ensemble.

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