Monday, February 2, 2009

Mardi Gras must-haves and a Super Bowl snack

I’m collecting my throws for Mardi Gras, and I’m ready to party on the seawall.
Before I share some cool tips that could make your Mardi Gras even more festive, I have a Super Bowl announcement.
I’m not ashamed to say that I have snacks planned, though as of this writing, I don’t know who is playing. I want to have something to talk about with the rest of America on Monday morning, and that’s the cool commercials. I watch it through half-time.
Eva Aguirre stopped by my desk to show me what she will not be snacking on during her Super Bowl time. She’s pretty appalled that Little Debbie can make a lovely gingerbread man and perfect Christmas tree, but these so-called football-shaped brownies are a mess, she said. It’s just a cookie bar with the ends chopped up, Aguirre said. My coworkers and I still want to thank her for being so miffed as to leave the box at my desk.

Mardi Gras must-haves
At a crawfish boil, I always take the time to get that tiny dab of claw meat out. It’s worth the effort.
Phillips Crab Claw folks have gone to the trouble for you. While we live in crab country, most of us can’t run out and drop a line as often as we’d like. This product costs less than colossal or jumbo lump crab meat and you can keep the container in the fridge for a year. Trust me, it won’t last that long. I had a couple of omelets with spinach and crab, then toasted some crab onto corn tortilla. I had to hold back on my tendency to overseason. I wanted the delicate crab flavor to shine. You can really get imaginative with a tub of this stuff.

Clean up
I made someone’s day with a moist towelette. She opened the Giovanni organic Refresh in lavender and just kept smelling it all day.
For germ freaks, riding a Mardi Gras float must have been gross before hand sanitizer became hip. These towelettes, also in peppermint and grapefruit splash, make clean even more appealing.

Buggin’ on yogurt
You probably weren’t thinking of packing yogurt-like substances for a Mardi Gras parade, but ProBugs is totally portable. From the parent view, you get a clean pouch of whole milk kefir with 10 live and active cultures. Kids will see the cool twisty top and colorful bug theme touting Goo-Berry Pie or Sublime Slime Lime. It tastes like smoothies and I hooked a couple of adults on it all. Lifeway Foods distributes these bugs.

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