Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jesus, olive oil go together in food lover’s imagination

I can’t help but think of Jesus when I dip the staff of life into a good, herbed olive oil. It’s the “good oil” nutritionists say we need and top chefs always talk about buying the best you an afford. I’d love to go to Europe and research it first hand.
In all the diets out there, it seems everyone agrees olive oil is good for you. I’ve just tried Biolea lemon and nerantzi (bitter orange) oils and Mylelia Olive Oil and found them to be a taste of heaven. Mylelia tosses a few whole olives in the bottle, like the worm in the tequila. The two Biolea citrus flavors add unexpected zest on breads and vegetables. If you’re already hooked on olive oil, you’ll love this. I keep finding folks who have yet to experiment. They ought to start with these addictive flavors. Demeter’s Pantry/Taste of Crete can hook you up.
“Women-owned” Demeter's Pantry is now represented by European Imports Ltd. and is the exclusive importer for leading Greek artisanal specialty food brands, such as Taste of Crete, Biolea and Anydros. Their products have won awards and been in the news. Biolea stone ground organic olive oil ranks in the top five "must haves" for Food & Wine Magazine. For details, visit or

A fillo loaded with good stuff?
I don’t know who Aunt Trudy is related to, but her 3 Bean Veggie Chili and Mexicali Vegetable fillo pocket sandwiches are just the ticket. Good Housekeeping uncovered the top "100 Healthiest Convenience Foods" and listed some of Aunt Trudy’s concoctions by The Fillo Factory. The dough is usually associated with rich stuff, so I love that these flaky meals are loaded with good stuff. I was surprised by how good they were out of the microwave.

General Mills munchies
New stuff from General Mills includes Fiber One chocolate mocha and Nature Valley dark chocolate and nut trail mix bars. I couldn’t even tell you which one I liked better. Crazy good.
Banana Nut Cheerios suitably impressed everyone who enjoyed the coloring, the glaze and the flavor on this cereal redux. I’ve never been a cereal-and-milk fan, but I’m loving these for dry snacking and sprinkled over smoothies for crunch.
Those on the Weight Watchers online community have been talking about new Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix. I’m liking it.

Walk into spring
It seems half the town knows — and loves — “Marlinda from Weight Watchers.” She hooked me up with Kristi Widmar, of WW public relations, who wants to remind readers that “research shows that 90 percent of people who keep weight off successfully include regular activity into their lives, like walking.”
Widmar sent info from trainer Jenny Hadfield, who suggests the following tips to start moving more:
• Go for the goal. Whether it’s to walk in a 5K, or simply set up a course in the neighborhood to walk with friends, set a tangible goal. Write that goal on paper and mark a date to reach it to stay accountable.
 • Evolution versus revolution. Evolve into a fitness routine; don’t give your body a reason to revolt. Start where you are instead of where you want to be to prevent injury or burn out.
• Switch to manual. Bypassing everyday conveniences can help a person move more. Take the stairs. Climb the escalator. Keep your car parked at a large strip mall and trek from store to store.
 • Get fit with friends and family. Gather a group of friends and set a time to walk or run each week. 
 • Fitness Checking Account. Think of the food you eat as money spent, and the activity burned as a deposit, similar to a checking account. 
Take the Momentum Walk-It Challenge. Through June 6, Weight Watchers members who join a walking team, create one, or sign-up for a selected 5K event will receive access to a free 8-week online interactive walking training guide, and may have the opportunity to train with a walking team in their area. To find out more go to Widmar tells readers.

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