Monday, May 11, 2009

Sun stuff keeps you safer; water bottle keeps you inspired
People used to think I was wearing white hose at the beach. That was just my pale, pale skin. I’ve been burned enough to respect sunscreen. While I can usually stretch a bottle out for years until it’s runny, I realized there are expiration dates on there and it was time to stock up. Coppertone’s product line has something for everyone, and I’m taking my afternoon walks with NutraShield with Dual Defense that says it will “naturally repair skin from past skin damage.”
Kids get Coppertone WaterBabies, which the company reports is the No . 1 recommended brand by pediatricians. There’s a new formula, WaterBabies Pure & Simple SPF 50, with Zinc Oxide, a physical blocker; it’s tear-free to avoid any pain if lotion gets in baby's eyes. Coppertone sport’s label says it is “very sweat resistant.”
I love the smell of these products. It makes one imagine oneself on the shore. Here are tips from the Coppertone Solar Research Center:
• Eat your greens. According to the National Foundation for Cancer Research, eating a diet rich in dark green vegetables may actually help make your skin healthier.
• Watch for windows. The sun’s UVA rays (the type that penetrate deep into skin and contribute to premature skin aging) can pass through the glass windows in your car, your office, even your kitchen.
• Mind your medicine cabinet. Certain medications can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if anything you’re currently taking can make you more susceptible to sun exposure. If so, make sure to take extra care to protect your skin when outdoors.
•  Wear UVA/UVB-protective sunglasses. In addition to the effortlessly cool look that sunglasses give you, they also help protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around them from UV rays, plus they may help reduce the risk of cataracts.
•  Stay hydrated. Drinking more water when you are spending time in the sun will help keep your body and skin hydrated.

Holy water
Blue Q Stainless Steel Water Bottles call themselves cute and quirky, and who wouldn’t like that description. The Nature Conservatory’s global clean water initiative must love it, because they’re getting support of a clean water initiative in developing countries when people buy these 20-ounce stainless steel beauties that come with art of birds and flowers. Perhaps you’d rather a monkey or whale. Me, I chose Mary and Jesus, sharing a cup from the bottle labeled “Holy Water: Tap into It. Redeems Parched Sinners.”
All my rowdy friends (I mean all my Catholic friends) enjoyed the fun, yet inspirational image. I can say a little prayer for everyone to have clean water every time I take a sip. I thank the makers for this new view.

Going green in purple
Lots of women will consider going green as long as it doesn’t impact their glamor factor. Chances are most people don’t even give some things a thought, such as how chemicals in their products rinse off and get into the water table. The earth and your body is absorbing lots of stuff, Afterglow Cosmetics charges.
I love the long list of what products are “free” of, including paraben, phthalate free, bismuth oxychloride, nano and stuff I don’t understand. I do understand that I feel really good about Swing lip color and Sublime eye powder in the kind of purple shades I can’t stop loving. I feel good about going green in purple.

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