Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spare Soles, aromatic baths, essentials make life sweeter

Oils just got better
I got a little emotional when my college-aged daughter came to me with a headache, and asked me to apply tea tree essential oils for relief, like I did when she was little.
Pungent herbal oils in little bottles calm me when I open the lid, and now Aura Cacia oils got even better, by launching the first-ever line of USDA-certified organic essential oils. Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree are leaders in the line of 25. I’ve tried my beloved tea tree in this format, as well as the Ylang Ylang III.
Makers say they are involved in the process from ‘the crop to the drop,’ to assure no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or processing agents are used. I’ve put them in cleaning solutions, mister bottles of water, massage oils and bath salts and used them as air fresheners. Find blending ideas at www.auracacia.com.

Spare Soles
I spotted “emergency shoes” in a gift shop, then I got to experience a couple of Spare Soles for myself. Stylish flip flops and ballet flats fold into handy wristlets so you can subtly ease out of “killer heels” and let your feet enjoy summer. How handy is that? The new bejeweled flip flops are billed as perfect for the beach, spa, or a day of shopping with durable thick soles for all day walking comfort and a waterproof, skid-resistant sole for pool side. Find their online catalogue and you can imagine how bridal parties could benefit from these products. They’d be awfully handy to keep under your desk at work.

Bubalina scents and soothes
Aside from appealing trademark art of lovely ladies in their bath, Bubalina is spa-quality scent that epitomizes luxury. They tout the organics of aloe vera, sunflower oil, coconut oil and more for stressed summer skin. Butters, lotions, gels, massage oils are part of the mix. I just sent myself down memory lane with an orange-vanilla body sugar scrub that offers the experience of a frozen orange treat on a stick. It’s no surprise that this watercolor Bubalina Girl is emerging from just such a refreshment. Indulge.

Other skin
Living in the heat of Southeast Texas, we hardly know about itchy sweaters, but there are plenty more reasons to go “Autrepeau.” These "other skin" undershirts, camisoles, and pant liners seem to be made of some mythical fairy tale silk. I’m enjoying a scoop tank that’s so light to the touch. I keep imagining how many I could fit in an airline carry on bag. I’ve heard Oprah say foundation garments can change your life. I’m figuring out she’s right. The company outlines these perks:
• Lightweight, whisper-thin, form-fitting fabric adds no bulk under clothing
• Serves as a clothing "liner" so you can dry clean and launder less
• Catches embarrassing perspiration
• Long in length, stays tucked in and hides the muffin top! Also, great for maternity
• Made in the USA

Blistering news in sunscreen
I’ve used more protective sunscreen this summer than I ever have in my life, thanks to new spray brands. I’ve come to realize I was lazy before, because applying a cream seemed tedious. Mission Skincare All-Sport Premium Sunscreen goes on clear, you don’t need to rub it, it dries fast and the bottle reads that the world’s greatest athletes have developed it. So, with antioxidants like acai, goji, pomegranate and cranberry, this sweatproof stuff is protecting me on my summer walks. I guess I qualify to be an athlete. I’m doing six-milers on weekends. I’d wager Mission’s other products, from refreshing foot therapy and fast-acting muscle rub to lip glosses are also of high quality.

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