Monday, June 28, 2010

Trapped in pants: We pulled it off
I became trapped in my own pants this weekend, saved by prayer, patience and help from my husband. I’d like to say, Perfect Fit Button, as seen on TV, really does work. The pin looks like a button and you can move it to tighten or loosen your pants, and save money.
Now I’d like to say, you must follow directions that sound comical: “For best results and for safety, it is recommended that you don’t wear the pants while removing the Perfect Fit Button.” I did not, and, while attempting the squeeze and pull detachment on pants that didn’t actually have a button hole, I began thinking how tough it would be to get it off in a hurry, if you had to use the bathroom. Panic attack ensued, but we eventually pulled it off, literally.
The button pins, that match brown, black, tan pants and jeans, actually serve as promised, even though I had a tough time removing the backs. Just use them like they’re meant to be used. I still say this product has a “leg up.”
My daughter and I wondered if HeelTastic works like it does on TV. I found it a rich blend of anti-bacterial oils, moisturizers and nutrients that make heels look better instantly. The best part is the easy stick application. It’s very handy to apply when you’re ready for sandals.
For information, visit

Sock concierge
I have shoes that cost less than a new pair of Smart Wool walking socks I purchased in Austin. A young man I call the sock concierge knew everything about each sock sold in his store, and I heeded his advice much to my walking pleasure. Now I’ve set my husband up with a pair of Italian pill-resistant dress socks from Foot coverings of all manner are available through the Swiss e-tailer with this recently-relaunched website. I would trade all the socks in his drawer for this new, luxurious pair.
As my sock concierge pointed out to me, socks purchased in a bundle from mass retailers give out in the elastic area quite soon. The when-shoes-eat-socks situation is what sent me sock shopping in the first place.

Diaper bags could be getting smaller, because manufacturers are so clever. I admired a keychain type device that holds dozens of plastic bags to help you dispose of dirty diapers with grace. Now Baby Magic offers Patty Cake, a dustless baby powder in a compact. A click-open holder for flat rounds of flat cotton pads is housed under a cake of soft, white powder to dab on baby’s bottom. Of course, it packs that amazing fresh baby smell, but the talc-free formula won’t make a mess. It must be magic after all.

Years ago I succumbed to almond and honey bath products and have been looking to recreate that heavenly aroma ever since. Tree Hut has blessed me with creation of body wash and shea body butter that make you smell like a no-calorie dessert. Experts and ashy-skinned consumers agree that Shea is the stuff for long-lasting moisturizing. Readers know I consider sugar scrub a gateway bath product, and this line puts shea in that as well as a hydrating body splash and lotion that could be your summer highlight. Go, get sweaty, and shower off with this stuff.

Henna Hipster
Catalogues arrive at my Aunt’s house daily offering goods I never knew existed, for things like underwear that stays put. That’s not how I found ISIS active wear for women, but I’m glad I did. The Henna Hipster is billed as Clothing for Women by Women and comes with a Goddess Guarantee, but I’m not giving these nylon/spandex wonders back. They’re “Chafe-free seamless” and come in with a swirly design on a sort of lovely jade green. Simply said, they stay put. The company makes bras, active wear and something that sounds as good as it looks online, the Scenic Route jacket. Sounds like a day trip or a bike ride to me. Visit to get henna hip.


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