Monday, June 14, 2010

A fighting wine …
It’s an Aussie wine with a Mexican back story, and one of those collectible labels you just can’t resist.
Luchador Shiraz combines two words I already love to say, and now I love to sip this spunky, screw-top red. A masked wrestler stares out from the label of a wine that comes with an introduction, or warning:
“Sometime soon you may hear a loud pounding on your door, the roar of a crowd, then a snicker, and a smile. Best of all, you’re about to have your palate body-slammed.”
I got body slammed on my front lawn, with plastic flamingoes guarding me. Want to know more, visit

Sweet stuff
I’m hooked on air-popped corn, but someone gave me a box of the microwaved stuff and I couldn’t help augmenting. I added cayenne pepper and honey for a southwestern twist.

Frozen bananas
If you didn’t believe me this past summer, try it this time around. I keep frozen discs of banana slices in the freezer and it feels like little bites of ice cream. They’re a healthy treat for hot months.

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