Monday, June 14, 2010

Take a krill pill

I’ve been consuming the same thing as baleen whales, manta rays, but I’ll bet my skin looks better. I’ve been calling these sleek, black capsules my shrimp pills, but they’re actually made with krill oil, from a shrimp-like invertebrate crustaceans. GliSODin makers say krill oil is like fish oil, a “super food” of a beauty product.
The dietary supplement appears to giving my skin a boost with hydration and a glow with a “pigment which offers photo-protection and carotenoid benefits.” The Japanese, apparently, have been on to the krill for a while. Advanced Daily Formula by GliSODin Skin Nutrients is billed as a Nutricosmetic beauty food, and my skin seems to be eating it up.
Here’s word on more goodies for your skin’s beauty and health:

Sanitzing wand
If germophobe made a science fiction movie, she might include a fantasy item to eliminate and control dust mites, E. Coli, Rotavirus and bacteria. The CleanWave is real, and it’s way cool. The UUV-C Sanitizing Portable Wand for $29.95 is a mini version of the full sizer that you can tuck in your baggage to hit hotel beds, etc. At home you can wave it over toilet flush handles, phones, computer keybords and countertops. 4 AA batteries will enable the light to keep your area a better place for allergy sufferers to live. It’s modern and sounds like a miracle worker, but be aware there’s some time involved. A toilet seat gets two wand minutes, a faucet gets one and a light switch ought to be clean in 20 seconds.
Visit for details on this and the CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Furniture & Bed Vac.

Let the sun shine in … but wear sunscreen
A relative who just had a skin cancer removed said “we didn’t know any better back then.” She recalled parents dressing little ones in sun suits and releasing them to go play in the sun. Now parents are aware that burns early in life can lead to health problems later.
It’s a good day at work if I need sunscreen. It should mean I’m headed to cover something outdoors and fun. Coppertone Sport now has replenishing antioxidants with improved formulas that “fortify the skin’s natural antioxidant defenses, which can be depleted during sun exposure, especially during physical activity.” In lotions and incredibly convenient clear continuous sprays, it comes with a range of spf, including “ultra sweatproof,” which I’d better start using on my walks. These go on well and smell like a day at the beach. Look for them in blue bottles.
Zinc is the word from Elemental Herbs. Makers of Sunscreen Sport say zinc oxide is” one of the only single sunscreen ingredients to protect against both UVA and UVB rays and it offers the broadest UV protective spectrum, plus, it’s natural.”
Caroline Duell, president and founder of Elemental Herbs, says “Chemical-free zinc sunscreen is a natural alternative to the harsh ingredients found in other sunscreens. Rather than converting UV energy into cancer causing free radicals, zinc oxide turns it into undisruptive heat. It’s safer for both children and adults and it doesn’t destroy coral reefs, which is a devastating global problem.”
I liked the texture, aroma and philosophy of this product. The SPF 22 tinted variety went on thick and pink and I rubbed it in and had a fabulous noon walk. I especially enjoyed a cool application of their All Good Lips balm with comphrey, calendula, lavender and yarrow. The company suggests: “For the best protection against the sun, use a sunscreen with 20-25 percent zinc oxide and be sure to re-apply every two hours.”

Fashion do
I’ve had some men tell me they enjoy my columns, but skip the “lady stuff.”
They can quit reading now.
I’m telling the women about MySkins, the most barely-there underpants in 20 different shades of flesh toned bras and panties. My “true nude” is parfait and you can get your match at The panties just end, with no bulky seams, and the color is to allow women to wear white pants, like the investigators do on “CSI Miami,” and look flawless. These are by no means granny panties, but grannies may like the way the look and feel.

Firm mamas
Women with or without infants should indulge with a new Tree Hut offering: Mother with Child Collection. Shae and vitamin E in a stretch mark firming lotion, smoothing belly butter and, my favorite, warming massage oil, smell amazing and skin seems to just drink it up. When I was in need of such belly butter, it was a novel concept and hard to find. Tee Hut is making it easy for moms-to-be and anyone else who’s gotten a bit stretchy.

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