Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ink it pink in October
My Sharpie love has upped a notch through the Ink it Pink promotion. It’s true that celebrities love Sharpies for autographs as much as I love them for jazzing up mundane chores. Stars have used pink Sharpies adorned with the breast cancer support ribbon and displayed them at Send yours in October and the company will donate a dollar to City of Hope, a cancer treatment, research and education center. Get on the web site to view guitarist Grace Potters video about the project, and ink away.

Catch a Rauschenberg
Texas Monthly’s October issue features a rundown on where to view some of Robert Rauschberg’s modern art paintings, collages, etc. I shouldn’t have to remind Port Arthur residents who knew “Milton” that Museum of the Gulf Coast has a gallery dedicated to the world-famous artist.

Birders on the big screen
An image of Owen Wilson from “The Big Year” shows his character armed with binoculars by a poster reading “Houston Audubon’s High Island.” This family bonding flick stars Wilson, a Texan, as an avid birder with Steve Martin, from the Waco area, as his dad.
I’ve been learning about our area’s birding activity. I don’t know if members of our own Audubon Society will like the movie, but I’ve been enjoying reading up on purple gallinule.

Silver and copper gets in your face
They had me at blue bottle. The cobalt blue spritzer holding Ancient Stones Ancient Elixir Setting Spray just looks natural. Silver and copper are on the ingredients list, but you won’t find fillers, additives, preservatives or talc. Spray some over your made-up face. This product in the line is designed to give the face a “smooth air-brushed look” and to keep your look fresh all day with no smudging or creasing, though you may have been working out or swimming. It feels good going on and feels good in place.

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