Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Orleans statues have their own stories

Ever leave New Orleans with a story to tell?
I’ve spent days in New Orleans without leaving the French Quarter, but those who “get out more” are treated to sculpture telling the city’s history. The Audubon Zoo is a fitting place to highlight a bronze statue of Audubon, with his sketchbook in hand. In “The Story Behind the Stone,” Robert Jeanfreau shares stories behind the works we pass by. Each page tells me something I didn’t know and Audubon’s tells me two: His letters of recommendation were picked from his pocket upon arrival to New Orleans. He was asked to make a drawing of a woman in the nude and not reveal her identity. He did as requested and received a souvenir rifle for his trouble.
Once back in the French Quarter, look for something you can’t see at ground level. The statute of St. Louis, King of France, is between St. Louis Cathedral and the Presbytere. Not quite visible to most viewers is the crown of thorns atop the pillow he holds.

Happy Easter to all
I hope your season has been eventful and you have had your fill of eggs, either stuffed or chocolate. Here’s two ways to keep your eggs fresh:
Freshvac boxes are what I call “screamers,” because they make a noise when you release the seal that keeps vegetables, etc. so much fresher, so much longer. One of these boxes was sent to me to review a long time ago and I have always wanted more. I am not a fan of internet shopping, but I’m happy to report my shipment of more boxes has arrived and the screamers are full of purple onions and mushrooms.
Good Bites Sandwich Box is “Mom Invented.” Colorful plastic lids snap onto a base that’s in the shape of a sandwich, with a side compartment for something else, like apples, grapes, olives, Easter eggs, etc. So you can save money, have the kids (or parents) eat right at school and work and box it all up in a BPA-Free container you can toss in the dishwasher. But my favorite part is that this mom made sure a flat space on top was the perfect size for a sticky note you child can look forward to every day. Your note can tell a joke, give a word of encouragement or remind the kids about game practice. Sales help other Mom-Invented endeavors.

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