Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Soothing and cinching keeps you stylin' in summer

Soothing and cinching keeps you stylin’ this summer

Women listen to Oprah, and when she mentioned on her show that some of us who spend big bucks on clothing often let our foundation garments slip into disrepair, if we have them at all. Our mother’s girdles are now smoothers and such. Leonisa zips us into a shape that looks like we’ve already spent time eating better and working out at the YMCA.

Leonisa is Latin America’s No. 1 intimate apparel line and offers help for men, too. If the fellows want to say that it’s for their back and posture, not to lift and control the stomach, hips, thighs, waist and lets, then that’s okay, too. I’ve inspected this well-made garment designed for every-day wear. Makers say it can also help you feel better after surgery and delivery and works with your circulation. Talk of compression-type garments is all the rage and you can find Leonisa in several styles that use what the call a “lipo-transportation effect that helps redistribute” fat.

My embarrassing anecdote regarding this product involves another brand of shapers whose name has become generic, like Kleenex. My daughter was a bridesmaid and at the dinner rather loudly announced that she’d borrowed my Spanx to look better in her gown. To give Leonisa props, I wanted to correct her just as loudly, but decided that giving the circumstances, to keep quiet. I’m now, ironically, sharing the info with whoever reads this.

They “nailed” itWho knew New Zealand sheep’s wool would make our nails become a Head Turner orange crème for summer? Dermelect does it again with a beauty product that’s good for nails. My sister is crazy for Luxurious, a confident lilac while my daughter went right to the Above It sky blue. Provocative is as fuchsia as I’ve ever been and this could be the most high-quality polish I’ve ever used. The high-gloss shine promised in promotional material is for real. I don’t even have space for all the other perks, from the pure protein peptide extracted from the wool to the strengthening aspects. A pedicure this good calls for new shoes.

I’m in the Elegance Stage

I’ve mentioned Stages of Beauty before and it’s line of skin care geared toward different age groups. In our 40s, our skin becomes more susceptible to environmental and photo-aging effects, like freckles, sun spots and spider veins, reads the Elegance stage. I’m a sucker for face scrubs. The one in this line features soft beads that feel so much more penetrating than the home version I make. Elegance puts jojoba, bamboo, mulberry and licorice root in a blend to preserve collagen and elastin. Scrubs are a summer must-have and this one also has monk’s pepper berry extract and more good stuff to plump up skin’s thinning surface. It’s pricy, but the label reminds you that you just need a dime-sized squeeze a few times a week, so this tube will take you into the fall season and beyond.

For stress, unrest or anxiety

The directions in this headline are printed on Sheevaun Moran Soothing Spray, billed as a natural blend of essences to soothe the mind, body & spirit. Spray into your hands, rub them together, cup them over your face and inhale. This gives me energy. In a double duty move, I can spray my bed and pillow for “peaceful sleeping.”

Moran is in the business of “facilitating miracles” and is an author and speaker. She says it takes more energy to have negative thoughts than positive ones, and believes in changing “I can’t” attitudes into ones of overcoming challenge. She thinks we should meditate, not medicate and advocates creating the space of having. Visit SheevaunMoran.com for her details.


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