Monday, October 22, 2012

Barbara Lynn's a show stopper

If someone gives you free tickets, try to take advantage. I got to spread a beach towel on the hill at Ford Park for the Salute to Industry concert. The stars in the sky put on a show even before the stars hit the stage, and it was fun to watch kids roll down the hill. My big treat was to catch local legend Barbara Lynn singing on stage. It was my first time to hear her and she ruled the stage.

Playing games
The best way to play Encore is with a group representing a wide range of ages. Then you can laugh and learn some new songs. The cards give you a word and you have to sing a song with that word in the title. Amazingly easy and very fun. What would you sing for the words “Walk,” “Fine,” Plane,” Pray” and “Rhythm?”
Anger Management is a game that’s kind of like confession. The very first card challenged players to tell a story about hurting themselves during a tantrum. I told one on myself. I was complaining about how much something cost and my mood made my passenger yank down the visor so that it broke, costing even more money to repair. Characters on the board include Heather Hissy-Fit and Road Rage Ronnie. And the whiner is. . .

What’s new with Poo-Pourri
She will remain nameless, but I’ll never forget the woman who first announced the product Poo-Pourri, essential oil scents to freshen the bathroom. What’s new with them? Shoe-Pourri, which boasts “Just a spray takes the stink away.” It destroys, not masks odors. Scented toilet paper unrolls to spread a little joy each time you unroll it. Because “even Santa has to go,” there’s a holiday scented spray. Good stuff.

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