Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Will work out for pancakes

Temptation or payoff? Whoever left info on about a pancake breakfast all over YMCA of Port Arthur tables must think like I do: I work out to stay fit, and have extra calories to enjoy. United Methodist Men of the Temple’s fall pancake breakfast will be from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, at the temple, off Texas 73. Love offering proceeds will benefit Relay for Life. They’d love to have you.

Dessert report
Pam Trosclair of CavOILcade said Beau Reve desserts at the festival style show were a hit.
Not only were the desserts fabulously presented, they tasted wonderful,” she said. “Individual red velvet cakes, banana split cake, bite sizes pecan tarts, crepes and so many more, it was hard to pick just a few!  Of course the chocolate cake was the first to go, and the fresh fruits tasted like they had just been picked.  Beau Reve definitely outdid themselves” Trosclair said.

Holiday Dinner Conversation Landmines
Debra Fine, the author of “The Fine Art of the Big Talk,” has a few conversations to avoid this season. Here are a few:

 "Are you two ever going to get married?" Most of us mothers along with the rest of the planet presume that long-time dating results in marriage. It ain’t necessarily so! And for those young people at the table already blissfully wed: "When are you two going to make me a grandmother?" is another conversation landmine. Back off! If they wanted you to know their intimate intentions, they would be sure to send you a press release.

"Aren't you full yet?" or "Why aren't you eating anything?" Leave us alone about what we eat or don’t eat, and worry about what you put in your own mouth. Just because eating at the holiday dinner table is a marathon of gorging for some, it may be an Olympic feat of discipline for others. Also, just because you slaved over the pumpkin pie or prepared grandma’s traditional stuffing does not mean we are required to consume it. Eating is a personal decision!

"Did you cook this yourself, or did you just thaw it out?" You may be asking because you sincerely wish to know how you can create this dish yourself, but you are putting the host/hostess on the spot. Instead, ask for the recipe after the meal. If it was not homemade, she will let you know at that time, or maybe she’ll be coy and say that the recipe is a family tradition that is not shared outside the family!
Visit www.DebraFine.com for information on: “The Fine Art of Small Talk:
How to Start a Conversation, Keep It Going, Build Networking Skills - and Leave a Positive Impression (Hyperion).”

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