Monday, December 24, 2012

What Can You Find in Translation?


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“Found in Translation” made me realize how emergency operators, space station mechanics, doctors and love letter writers need to be understood. Natally Kelly and Jost Zetzsche have written a fascinating book that explains how nuances in language can change so much in life and death matters and how one enjoys an episode of “The Simpsons.” I read it from cover to cover, in English. I feel like I’ve been around the world and even to outer space.  

Decorate the men
Tamba, aquatin and horizon as colors are still some concepts I’m trying to define. When you are as creative as the Gawdy Bobbles people, you can come up with whole catalogues full of creative  beauty that looks great without a definition. Artists make limited production chic, natural, modern goods including a delicate  white dear skin leather wrap with silver or gold chains weaved in; bar and buckle closure and bracelets in colors from pearl, and juniper to fern and marigold. You just want to reach in photographs and touch these works. See their web site for an extensive line that includes men’s braided leather bolo wraps and metal, magnet closures that are as tough as they are stylish. Guys, women really do like to see a touch of jewelry on men, and these natural pieces are gateway pieces. Investigate.

Lint Lizard
I’m all for getting trapped lint out of the dryer to prevent a fire, so I got a Lint Lizard to try. The test dryer was relatively new, but I’m guessing dryers that have been worked hard would yield the results this As Seen On TV product shows. The long, clear, tube attaches to your vacuum to reach way down in the vent gap and you can use it to clean that taunting, narrow gap between your washer and dryer. I held a flashlight so my daughter could see where the hose was headed and we got the job done fast. You can also or der a Dust Lizard brush attachment so you can clean up crumbs from your keyboard and dust from your air vents. Here’s to a clean sweep of the new year.

Money belt goes chic
Dad’s money belt stuffed with traveler’s checks accompanied us on trips across the south in the ‘70s. Now The Clever Travel Companion travel gear features secret pockets stitched into shirts, undies and long johns. Ditch your fanny pack, belt or purse and stash your passport and cash.
Did you ever have to sleep in an airport? Are you worried you’ll lose your papers while snowboarding? The Clever Travel Companion has you covered. You don’t have to wait for an international journey. My tank top pocket is good for holding a phone and ID. Love it.

The Edge of Glory
The video explaining how to use Edge of Glory knife sharpener actually comes up above the Lady Gaga song by the same name. I didn’t try to sharpen a credit card into a knife so that I could slice a tomato, but I certainly did jazz up several knives from my kitchen drawer. I’m cooking spiced apples as I write this as a reward for my kitchen upkeep diligence. Telebrands says this tiny fist-sized sharpener with dual hardened tungsten carbide teeth is quick and easy. Yes, it is. My favorite feature is a tiny arm use to create a suction on your counter. Once the sharpener is in place, pull your blade to you and you’re sharp. The price is right on this one.

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