Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A good steer, Irwin’s book and PA’s Loup Garou

I devour the January “Texas Monthly” for the hilarious Bum Steer awards. (I’m always glad when Southeast Texas is not featured.) In this issue, Beau Reve restaurant is a recommended pick. The update notes this observation: “Turning into the long drive and seeing the stately old mansion sets certain expectations. And Becky Bellard and her staff deliver, with unhurried service and food that makes the travel time worth it.” After mentioning some tempting food offerings, there’s a contemplation for a nap on the veranda. I’m in.

Author Irwin
Charles Irwin of Port Neches is releasing his new book, “The Creed Taylor Story,” about a Texas patriot.
Irwin has also published “The Unheralded Texas Heroes.” 
“I like history because I’m a San Antonio native and I grew up in all that history. It interests me for many reasons,” Irwin told me. 
He said he’s working with the Windmill Museum in Nederland to offer copies of his new book. For more information, call 722-3235 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Irwin is also working on another release, “Peerless Texas Empresarios.”

Port Arthur’s Le Loup Garou
Curses like “tarnation,” Buddy Holly’s music, a needle and thread from an agave plant and East Texas Bigfoot are a few topics “East Timers and Old Timers: The Texa Folklore Society Fire Burns On.”
“Monsters in Texas” is the chapter noting that down near Port Arthur and Sabine Lake, older Cajun fishermen and drillers still speak of Le Loup Garou – the werewolf that patrols the swamps and preys upon folks that get lost. J. Rhett Rushing, who writes this chapter, reports his professional opinion is that there can’t be many a Bigfoot between the Sabine and the Neches, simply because his relatives would have eaten or married them a long time ago.
Kenneth L. Untiedt edits this book of publications from the Texas Folklore Society LXVIII from University of North Texas Press.

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