Saturday, February 23, 2013

Panhandle, here I come


Road trip anyone?
I’m about to travel to a place I’ve never been before: The Texas Panhandle. I love the Lone Star State but it’s so big, some of its dwellers haven’t yet made it to the other side.
Wish me well on this long, long road trip. I hope to collect some stories for y’all.

Salt Lick to-go tip
I’ve enjoyed catering from the famous Salt Lick barbecue in the Austin area and finally got to dine at the Round Rock location. I arrived at just the right time for amazing ribs and fresh bread. The menu said onions were available upon request and I told that waiter that I wasn’t kidding around. I requested, quote, “a crazy amount of onions,” which I received. I felt I could eat them all, but a different server brought more, and I felt compelled to eat the bulk of them, too. I’ll just say, that was a spicy meal.
But the tip is this, that came from a guy I met. He warned how crowded The Salt Lick can get. There are picnic tables outside where one can wait for a table. He sits there while he waits for take-out, and quickly gets that famous Q to go.

Hello beautiful
Jasmina Aganovic has a degree in chemical and biological engineering from MIT, beautiful skin and a manifesto peppered with thoughts of happiness, inspiration and opportunity. In 2010 she launched Stages of Beauty, a line of age-specific skin products I shared in this column. Now she’s behind Bona Clara, a home-based Brand Rep program offering age-segmented scrubs, toners, serums, etc. I’m enjoying the for-40s goods designed to aid skin that begins to age and become more sensitive. Some of my seasoned readers will go for the 50s+ goods to help as the skin’s moisture barrier weakens. The feel of all the products I’ve been enjoying is “rich.”

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