Sunday, June 16, 2013

Randy Travis playin' possum

Randy Travis playin’ possum
Here’s word on a tribute to Southeast Texas native George Jones:
“Randy Travis has delivered a hit with the surprise debut of the George Jones tribute song, “Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum.”  The heartfelt single is now available on iTunes.  “Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum” was recently recorded by the country icon and singer Joe Nichols. This is the first song from Randy's new album that’s set to be released this fall.

“It was an honor when I received a request to record this tribute to George Jones, and after I heard how well Keith Gattis had written “Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum,” I was excited to record it.  Thanks to Joe Nichols for coming in and helping on this project,” says Randy Travis.

The Grammy winner provided fans with the first public hearing of “Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum” at the CMA Music Festival. Listen at To download on iTunes, visit:

A subtle grind of pepper
I’m in a hot pepper family. From breakfast on, I’m planning meals around red flakes, cayenne dust or whole jalapenos with the seeds in. Before I saw the Trudeau Adagio Chili Mill, which grinds red pepper flakes or any dry spice, I’d never thought about grinding the red, pizza-style pepper. This red mill looks good in the kitchen and on the table and gives a great “twist” of flavor to anything that wants spicing up. A red top and bottom grace a clear cylinder that shows you when it’s time to restock. It’s easy to refill and, hey, could fit in my purse for restaurant excursions. Pepper lovers will understand me.

Keep Calm
Ever take directions from your jewelry? Of course you do. Many of us wear pendants associated with our faith, so it makes sense that Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula offers symbols from the Star of David and hamsa necklaces to an “amen” pendant. Her tagline is “Faitih. Fashion. Forward.” The message I’m taking is from a new line of inspirational bracelets that practically require a magnifying glass. This string has a thin silver strip with the tiny message “Keep Calm.” Throughout the day, it’s a reminder to step back and breath. It’s a lovely, shiny, affordable reminder that comes in a wee little sparkly bag. Is it too early to think of stocking stuffers? Keep Calm.

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