Monday, July 1, 2013

Mason Jars get crafty

Back in the day when everyone canned food in Mason jars, I wonder if anyone thought of making a ring-bearer pillow for the wedding rings in a jar. While I’m pretty sure gussied up treat presentations were common, I’ll bet no one thought of creating a Mason jar clock. Lauren Elise Donaldson challenges us to think of those durable icons as night lights, cake stand bases, candelabras, ribbon chandeliers… the list goes on in “Mason Jar Crafts.” This Ulysses Press book has photos and simple directions that will make you scour your cabinets and put a call out to friends: Send More Jars. My favorite could be a jute-wrapped jar filled with soil and succulents. Put a fork in a jar to hold a place card or mark your guests seat with a personalized flag in a jar full of sweet treats for the night.
You get the idea. Mason jars rule and this author wants everyone to know.Word is Mason jar decor will light up Southern Summer Night on July 20.

Here’s a little ditty
Eco Ditty will tell you all about how its Harmony Art Organic Cotton is grown so that you can “reduce, reuse, eat happy.” I’d be happy too if I knew the snack bag I colored myself was helping the environment. What’s even better than a recyclable sandwich and snack bag? One with fair-trade fabrics.  It’s summer and kids need snacks. Soon they’ll need to pack lunches for school. They’ll love this soft bag with a closure. Mine has a turtle in an under-the-sea scene and came with pens so I can color in the lines. Makers got to thinking about it after a family member discovered she was allergic to PVC plastic. Guess where this helpful product is made… Nederland, Colorado. Even their press material uses less paper than your average media kit.

Clear and polish
If you’re not sweating, you aren’t enjoying a proper Southeast Texas summer. Bioré Skincare has a routine set up for summer skin. I’ve tried the new acne clearing scrub, which smells so fresh and is extremely gentle. You’d hardly know it was a scrub. The not-so-secret power: salicylic acid to target deep-down dirt and oil. It’s a treatment you’ll look forward to. Follow it up with Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and finish with Bioré Blemish-Treating Astringent.

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