Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fiddling with success


‘Fiddler on the Roof’
If you didn’t mist up when Tevye and Golde sang “Sunrise, Sunset,” then I don’t know what to tell you. “Fiddler on the Roof” was such a hit when Lamar State College-Port Arthur and Port Arthur Little Theater presented it in 1996, they did it again with Tom and Linda Neal again in the lead roles. These groups had another summer hit on their hands.

Get Nude at the mall
I had to go there with the headline. Sensuous Nude is an Estee Lauder scent. Bealls at Central Mall has opened an Estee Lauder and Clinique counter. I have to sneak perfume, because my husband is allergic. The counter has a great array of aromas as well as very tempting nail and lip colors. Stop by.

Go thermal every morning
Have you been hearing about thermal coffee makers? Frigidaire Professional Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker is one of those beauties that look sexy on your counter even if you never use the thing. But you will use this one. It’s easy and reliable and the thermal stainless-steel carafe means your java will stay hot a long time. You don’t even have to worry about breaking the pot.
Of all the assets on this one impressive machine, my favorite is the mesh filter that rinses clean, so you don’t need to buy filters even to recycle. Look at how you make coffee now, and figure how improvements like this machine could make your morning even brighter and more efficient.
Frigidaire’s small appliance line is newly available at Target. Designed to balance style and durability with easy cooking features, the line includes a convection toaster oven, thermal coffee maker, five-speed blender and 5-in-1 grill and griddle. Frigidaire and Target are two names we trust.

Magnetic shirt
Of all the amazing new products I’ve enjoyed sampling and sharing with readers, my husband was most excited to try out a magnetic shirt. What this means is, it looks like a nice, dress, button-down shirt, but the closures are actually magnets, so the shirt is ridiculously easy to put on and take off. In fact, he kept undoing the closures to show people how very cool MagnaReady is. But what is a neat trick to some is a valuable tool to others. This shirt enables wearers from wounded vets to arthritis suffers to snap their shirt fronts and cuffs on easily. You won’t skip a buttonhole. If you like gadgets, you’ll want one. If you need one for ease of mobility, you’ll want the whole line.

Clean BBQ
Okay grill people, here’s something you’ll want to try. Clean BBQ is a disposable grill liner made from the kind of heavy duty foil used in disposable cooking pans. Why do you need this? Naturally cleanup is a breeze, and who doesn’t want a break after all that cooking. The benefits are you don’t have to worry about a wire bristle from your cleaning brush to get into your food and you can reduce the risk of cross contamination. These are two things that can keep you at the picnic and out of the hospital. Where would you be next weekend? I can’t decide if amateurs or pros will love them more. Check them out in 20-packs at Home Depot and online at

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