Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sharon Jones has heart for her "babies"

I ran into Sharon Jones who was checking on her red-shirted “babies” in her cardiac exercise class at Rehab Center for Cardiac & Pulmonary Patients at Medical Center of Southeast Texas. She said the seniors often come in “mad and upset” about their condition and before she knows it, they love their exercise routine and their improved movement. Exercise bikes with cushy, couch-like seats are a favorite, Jones said.
More than one senior wearing a Mended Hearts shirt indicated Jones was, well, something like assertive in her means to get them moving.
“I get right in there with them,” Jones said. “ I say ‘Come on baby, let’s go. You’ve gotta move it.’”
One of her babies didn’t mind telling the time she came to class on her walker, and Jones told her not to bring it back again. The student got down to business and was able to leave the walker behind.

Bring the folks to folk art
How fitting my family should walk into a folk art exhibit on my belated Dad’s birthday. A “hot head” fashioned from found electrical items made Mom recall how my father had a flair for heart-felt yard art and making something from nothing.
Eyes Spy: Folk Art from the Permanent Collection is on view at Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont through Sept. 1. At the opening, we heard Andy Dean Emmons tell how “Woodpecker” came about. A crape myrtle knot he found by tree trimmers became the head and he came across bone that looked like wings. Several artists’ works are in this collection with mediums from aluminum foil and wood to glitter and clocks.

Texas love
They want boots. Travelers passing through Orange on Interstate 10 make The Horseman’s Store one of their first or last Texas stops, according to their destination. I stopped by, inhaled the aroma of leather, then visited with the staff as I browsed western shirts. Sales associates say those who weren’t born in Texas want to take some home for themselves and for grandchildren.

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