Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kemah has it going on

I was just in Kemah and figured that name must mean something, probably native American. I read online the name is from the Karankawas and means “wind in my face.”
Appropriate for a beautiful marina town. I saw some boats come in on the boardwalk and fed some seagulls who weren’t afraid of the screaming riders whizzing by on the wooden roller coaster.
Some friends from my husband’s class at Sharpstown High were meeting for lunch in Webster, and I noticed we’d passed a Steak ‘n Shake. I asked one of his friends, a furloughed NASA employee, if he’d ever been and he said he wasn’t impressed with the steak burger, but did like the shake. Since I’d just heard Roger Ebert’s book read, and he said that if he ever had to take someone like the Pope or the president to dinner, it would be to Steak ‘n Shake, I was curious. It was crowded, so we got a salted caramel pretzel shake to go and shared it. We give that one two thumbs up.

Y’all come to Texas
Lonely Planet released Best in Travel 2014, with lots of lists and travel trends. In true Texas fashion, we get to brag we made one of those lists. Here it is:

Top 10 Regions
1.       Sikkim, India
2.       The Kimberley, Australia
3.       Yorkshire, UK
4.       Hokuriku, Japan
5.       Texas, USA
6.       Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Zambia
7.       Mallorca, Spain
8.       West Coast, New Zealand
9.       Hunan, China
10.   Ha’Apai, Tonga

Stocking Stuffers
Boys and their toys was a header on information on Laser Peg Runners, and it’s true, boys (and girls) can still get excited about lighted toys that run  on batteries and imagination. They look a lot like Legos, so any fan base there is sure to get “charged” by seeing Laser Pegs toys run as a block with an LED bulb. Your creation lights up in reds, blues, greens and yellows. I’m watching one that looks like a tank go all around the table and I gotta say, it is fun for any age.

New “flavors” in skin care
This pumpkin trend is nuts! There’s pumpkin seed extract in
G.M. Collin Bio Organique Energizing Mask, and there’s apple extract in their eye patches.  I have not tried, this but I’m telling you, I love the scent of resveratrol in a sample of Vine Vera’s Merlot Collection Moisture Day Cream.
What’s good about mulled wine can be good for your skin. It doesn’t exactly smell like wine, but it is a daily pleasure to hydrate.
It’s not your grandmother’s skin cream, thought I was just talking to a man who owned a package store, and he said doctors used to “prescribe” Mogan David wine for various complaints.

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