Sunday, November 24, 2013

TAM hosts Christmas workshop

For just $10, children can go craft crazy while parents get in some shopping time. Texas Artists Museum is planning a Christmas Workshop with activities including cookie decorating, making ornaments and a paper gingerbread house and fashioning a wreath pin.
“You can drop them off and go to the mall,” said Janice Terrell, organizer.
Santa’s little helpers aged 6 to 12 can also get a cookie snack. The event will be from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Dec. 7, at the museum, 3501 Cultural Center Drive. Register by calling TAM at 409-983-4881 from noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, or by calling Terrell at 409-985-3769. 

Charmed by Madil
Is it better to look great or have more closet space? Sparkly heart and star charms switch up the new neutral with Madil offerings. We Southeast Texans wear flip flops throughout the year with our humid temps. Classic design in a neutral base gets different looks with colored bands and some serious bling charms. Change your look with “shoe jewelry.” Got to love that.
Now I’m forced with another decision: Madil sandals have a little texture that’s like a mini massage. Should I keep them as my pristine indoor shoes or show them off to the world outside?

Flavored soap?
You still can’t wash your mouth out with Chandler Farm soap, but that firm block of pomegranate smells heavenly. Coconut banana smells like a bakery and cranberry and mandarin body butter goes on smooth. This Colorado-based company goes all-natural with pride and the labels tell you what you are getting and what makers are proud is not going into their bottles and onto your body. Live a little with Chandler Farm goodies like natural lavender body wash. It’s the kind of thing mothers and daughters will love together.

Lift your utensils above the germs
I’m still praising “modern” spatulas that withstand high heat and are formed in one piece so that germs don’t hide in the section between the spoon part that crumbles and the wooden part that splinters.
Now, get that image out of your head and replace it with sleek Core Kitchen’s Modern Lift Brights Collection. I’m handling a yellow and gray nylon turner that resists stains and odors and takes up to 400 degrees of heat. The best part?  Nub on the back of the handle that lifts up the surfaces that touch your food off the counter. It’s a built-in spoon rest for a range of tools in a modern rainbow to match your moods and kitchen. This little bit of info is already enough to send clean cooks to Look for more options designed to help you enjoy your time in the kitchen.

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