Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fish Bible is the gospel

Pat A. Riley Jr. is back in town and I spotted him at the Nederland Historical Society’s Christmas party at the library. He was at the door, because a live performance was happening. As I was pulling in the lot, KVLU’s radion station personalities were speaking of the Southeast Texas Dulcimer Friends. When Mr. Riley opened the door for me, that’s who was playing. Great timing.
Al also met Sonya Willis of Nederland, who says if anyone is interested in meeting with the historical group, give her a call at 722-2831.

Read the fish Bible
Cajun tales that warm the soul are as important as dishes that tempt the palate in “The Louisiana Seafood Bible: Fish Volume 2.” You may have heard or collected Jerald and Glenda Horst’s editions. Pelican Publishing puts out this sixth and final volume of the beloved series.
Panko Trout and Catfish Eggrolls sound as revolutionary as the Figs and Fins recipe with snapper and a pint of fig jam. Ever stuff your peppers with fish? You may have grilled your garfish cake.
Get your mouth set for Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas, Feb. 27-March 2, with this book. The photos, the feeling, the history and “new” concepts make this a gospel of good news.

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions:
Beauty Spatula
My mom and aunt have always joked about packing a tiny spatula in their bags to get the last drop of a delicious meal. Boy, did they ever have a laugh at the new Every Drop Beauty Lip Spatula, a teeny scoop to reach the bottom of  lip gloss, lipstick and more. The just slightly larger Every Drop Beauty Spatula gives you “access to hard to reach product,” such as foundation and lotions. The spatulas don’t absorb like cotton swabs, are flexible for use with several sized bottles and can be used as an applicator. Frugal women, and those relishing the final applications of an out-of-production item, will wonder where Every Drop has been all their lives. Visit for info on One-of-a-Kind Cosmetic Tools.

Double Duty
Could you imagine a product that exfoliates and lightly hydrates for radiance? I’m impressed with Gylcolic Expert Moisturizer by Exuviance. It can tingle a bit and you should wear sunscreen. Those who are “into” skincare info know these are hallmarks of “the good stuff” and may actually be familiar with Doctors Van Scott and Yu, patent holders of the “lunchtime” glycolic peel who work with the powers of Alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acids. Exuviance has more skin wonders in its line. I think this one has been perfect at taming my discomforts of winter skin. Glad to have found it.

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