Monday, December 9, 2013

From Rather to a Little Black Dress

What an honor for a journalist like me to meet Dan Rather at the Lamar State-College Distinguished Lecture Series. His talk at the Carl A. Parker Multipurpose  Center was humorous, educational and emotional. The event was well attended and it seems I’m not the only one who would like to thank Lamar for bringing us speakers of such caliber. Rather mentioned he had spent time in Beaumont as a youth, cutting brush for a pipeline path. He caught a Beaumont Exporters game. He also spoke of the passion that virtually consumes dedicated reporters who work to be brokers of the truth.

You’ve got mail… and gifts
Even the napkins are fun at Flagship Mailroom on FM 365. While sampling fruity jams with crackers, I scooped up one with a quote from Phyllis Diller. The photo shows a “vintage” scene of a woman visiting Santa. The quote: “What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.”
You can have a much milder holiday with gifts like inspirational bracelets, hats that cover your ears and little figurines of birds with hats that cover their… whatever they call ears. Clothes candles, and the means to ship them deck these shelves. I know someone is getting a Texas-shaped dinner bell this season.

Exercise Freak
If the title of the pink Denon wireless fitness headphones intimidates you, substitute another word. They’re called Fitness Freak, but don’t worry if you don’t think you walk or run enough to earn the badge. If you are a gadget freak or accessory freak, you’ll love on these plenty. There’s nothing but Beatles on my phone, and I can now go on a wireless jam on my afternoon break. The pink in-ear headphones support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the music sounds amazing. Maybe you have a tangled hot mess of little wires for your phone. Switch ‘em all out for these beauties and you’ll “freak” over the performance, which incudes Bluetooth 3.0 wirless connectivity with integrated amplifier, sweat-proof design and a rechargeable battery with up to seven hours of music. Does your workout last that long? Load the Denon Sport App to map and track your action.

Little Black Dress Wines has released Divalicious Pink Pinot Grigio 2012, which made a hit at a party we hit. It’s a composite: 75% Pinot Grigio, 13% Muscat, 10% Chardonnay and 2% Viognier. Who wouldn’t look good in that?  The color and flavor is a great fit for the holidays. Here’s how they put it together: “To make Divalicious Pink Pinot Grigio, Zidanelia “Z” Arcidiacono, the winemaker behind Little Black Dress Wines, lets the grapes to macerate on their skins for a limited time, resulting in a wine that’s a delicate and appealing shade of pink.”
So, this Little Black dress goes with anything, for just about $11.

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