Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let me get to my Bed of Nails

Bed of Nails
They had me at endorphins and oxytocin. Sometimes during the day my mind jumps ahead to my  next time on Bed of Nails. I can’t really say that this mat and pillow help with constipation, but I will say it has eased headaches and back tension in my home. Little round plastic discs of super-sharp “nails” are all over this little mat and the pressure evens out when you recline.  My difficult-to –impress spouse said the pillow helped change his focus from headache to rest. The sensation puts me into a restful state and the label lists even more befits, saying that, if used regularly and for a long enough period of time, it may:
* improve circulation
* increase energy level
* reduce blood pressure
* reduce stress and anxiety
* improve sleep and relieve insomnia
* improve heart rate variability
* relieve constipation
* alleviate cellulite
There’s more, but I have limited space. You can roll this up and take it with you to work or in the car. I’m a Bed of Nails mega fan. Just let me finish this column, I want to go lie down.

Karma as fashion
Marrakech, Kenya, Happy Trails? I went Boho with a peacock scarf. I’m calling peacock the new trend. I have my reasons, which I may reveal later. But back to Karma and, where you can browse colors and patterns that will make you feel you have traveled the world.  Bags, scarves and key fobs are just the beginning. The Global Color  has hand embroidered belts and lanterns.  They’re offering a feeling, and I’m buying. The peacock scarf has a message colored into it, and it’s pretty much my little secret. A Russian orphanage is one of the Karma give-back programs.

Hand it to them
Are you practicing your Mardi Gras bead throw? Start healing your hands with the rehydrating Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Towel and Hand Remedy, a duo to brighten, moisturize and improve skin texture. The towel buffs away outer layers of skin to allow skin to breathe. I have not tried it, but I can vouch for the Hand Remedy, which has a different texture that sets it apart from others. It just feels goad. Must be the shea butter and oatmeal moisture, or the
specially-formulated Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acid to, as makers say, get hands a younger look for their spring debut. Winter hands are rough. Hand Remedy makes it all better.

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