Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'Lighthouses of Texas' guides readers to adventure

The cork vest prototype of today’s lifejacket is fascinating enough, but when “Images of America’s Lighthouses” gets lovingly local with bits on The Sabine Bank Lighthouse, the caisson-style project set into the water. Apparently, builders here never got “the bends” as they did on similar projects. Don’t worry, the Sabine Pass lighthouse gets its glory, too. Steph McDougal is one of many lighthouse lovers. Her writings accompany these vintage photos and drawings to convey the awe-inspiring feats of construction and the impact of how these structures saved so many souls. Thank Arcadia Publishing for getting this book out for lighthouse lovers everywhere.
Vemma makes silica taste good
Vemma Nutrition Company announces Vemma Renew, a 45-calorie can of antioxidants that truly taste fruity and good. Plant-sourced silica is for healthy skin, nails and hair, so the market is “beauty-conscious consumer looking for a healthy approach from the inside out.” I found one, and she thought it tasteed as good as I did. Healthy can be pretty cool.
Microbubbles rule
How do you soften tannins instantly and release the fullest flavor in wine and spirits? Aermate does the trick in a flash. The stainless steel tube with the screw-on bulb reminds me of a medical tool. It’s functional and as fashionable as it can be. There’s no question it gets the job done. The little chart  directs you to squeeze once or twice into a glass of red wine, and two to three times for white. Whole bottles get a few more. You can also squeeze your cognac, brandy, tequila, etc. Why would you do that? I can attest the countless bubbles fizzing into your glass stir and deliver air, enhancing oxygen exposure to all areas of the bottle or glass.
I’m no scientist, but I can tell you my $6.99 bottle of  red got microbubbles and then tasted like it cost at least $15. No kidding, all my tasters noticed the difference. or has the info you need to get those bubbles.

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