Sunday, March 23, 2014

Antiques & Crackers
What goes great on your new/old table imported from Europe? Crackers. Try a spicy treat Original Savory Saltine Seasoning treat while you shop at Snooper’s Paradise in Groves. You can buy this no-cook seasoning there. The staff reports people love that there’s no cooking involved. Spice up your treats by shaking them up in a bag with canola oil. What else is new at Snooper’s? Consignment items. Get there this spring.

Champaign & Ribs
What y’all doing April 10? I suggest you get to Champaign & Ribs under the tent at Cowboy Harley-Davidson in Beaumont where they will be Kickin’ it Cajun Style.
The food is always fantastic at this benefit for Gift of Life Prostate Cancer Program and honorees will be Dr. John Henderson, Charline Dauphin and Judge Gerald Eddins. Call 409-833-3663 for your tickets.

Rain happens. Hood-to-Go in a pouch is like a vest you can keep handy to have a hood with your regular coat. Who doesn’t need that? You can be ninja-stealth in your transformation with this very well-made gear.
Here’s the drill: See clouds, slip on vest with hood, put on your coat and flip up the hood when the drops begin to fall. Then, you’re “Hood –to-Go.

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