Monday, March 10, 2014

Mural shows city pride

Style and economy meet at the Port Arthur Transit bus wash. No kidding. Recycled water gets those PAT clean at the refurbished Procter Street site. The building itself is sleek, then there’s the mural. There’s three buses lined up with the Martin Luther King bridge in the background. Look closer and note there are three city bus designs that span through time. Debra Ambrose, transit planner, said she looked up vintage bus photos and worked with artist Jeffrey Szyman, a mural artist in Houston, to represent the past, present and future.
He basically made the image freehand in two days, she said. It looks as nice as the new face on the downtown pavilion. Port Arthur is looking good.

Time change
Who’s on board with the time change and more daylight? The first Monday of this new schedule, I drove home and saw families skating, swinging on front porches and waving at one another on their walks.
Let’s keep up the spirit, energy and friendly attitudes, southeast Texans!

On a boat
Some friends were invited to an event, but had a prior engagement. It seems a relative bought a new boat and the extended family has been invited to sit in the boat in the driveway. Apparently it’s the only way to get everyone to try the boat at once. What a very Southeast Texas slice of hospitality. It sounds pretty fun.

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