Saturday, November 29, 2014

Glory B's in Nederland will decorate your home and fill your closet

Glory B’s
Got $10 or $20 bucks? Walk out of Glory B’s with a new-to-you watch, or a pair of pants, or hey, some home décor.
Paula Leger and Anna Moreno are contacts for a fun consignment shopping experience Wednesdays through Saturdays at 3105 Nederland Avenue, Suite A. It’s those blue shops. You’ll love it. I certainly have my eye on a bracelet or two there.
In addition to purses, shoes and clothing attractively displayed, I spied a topiary, clock and things to hang on wallss
“We have a lot of stuff come in here with the tags still on them,” Moreno, store manager, said.
“We strive for beauty in our store. People say it is stylish. Some say it is the nicest consignment shop they’ve been to,” she said.
Give them a buzz at (409) 718-2720.

Your New Year’s Resolution could begin with Misticoots, American-made socks. I’m enjoying these well-made wicking, walking socks with a lip to keep them from sliding down in my shoes. They’re already inspiring me to walk more, and you’ll love this. They’re packaged in Austin, a city with a reputation of that “hippie” kind of doing good. So #GETGIVEEMPLOY explains about how your purchase helps puts socks on someone else, too. A note that came with mine reads “You Are Awesome,” (why, thanks) and also offers me “many thanks for doing more with your socks). You’re welcome. Put some on and get moving.

The Wright (spicy) stuff
I met Peggy G. Wright and she fed me some of her Wrights of Texas Fresh Salsa. Sometimes people say the hot version is hot, but it’s not. Peggy’s is. It was like we were in her kitchen, but we were in Whole Foods and she was giving samples. She works out of

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